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Even if I'd had my camera

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Even if I'd had my camera, I wouldn't have been fast enough to catch the shot; but the image will stay in my memory forever.

I have a glass topped coffee table, and have always kept a full length runner on it so I wouldn't have that "clacking" noise every time I set a glass or cup on it. Well, I decided that the runner finally needed a bath, and took it off to put it in the wash.

I was on the couch, watching television, when Blondie and Freeway came charging in playing one of their games. Blondie dove under the coffee table, and Freeway hopped onto it.

The look of absolute, total shock on both of their faces when they realized they could see each other through the tabletop was beyond priceless
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They do the cutest things when the camera isn't around don't they.
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lol cute, did they try to poke each other
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I can picture that!

I have glass tables too, but I don't cover them with anything so my kitties are used to being able to see through. They sometimes taunt each other through the glass
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Oh that is wonderful.
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Thats so funny I wish I could capture all the silly and sweet things my kitty cats do.
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They really react to changes in the environment, don't they? When did you stop laughing?
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My glass coffee table is in Butzie's territory downstairs. I was playing with her with one of those feather toys. We were playing on the floor and then I decided to put it on top of the glass. That too was a picture moment, when I had no camera. You should have seen her expression when she tried to bat that toy from under the glass and couldn't believe she couldn't get it!
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We have a glass table in the living room. Kit can't figure out why he can't get at mommy's food from underneath
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That sounds really funny!
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Toooo funny!!!
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