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The OP has a chronic disease (lupus unless my memory is completely wrong here -which is possibly... my memory is bad sometimes). With whatever drug cocktail she's may or may not be on, any sort of out of the normal pain should be treated right away.
It's possible that it's just a flare triggered by holiday stress but it's better not to risk it. Too many medications have the side effect of destroying the liver and kidneys.
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Okay, it is 12/22. Doctor's don't necessarily work on Christmas. So, you have Christmas eve to go to see a doctor. You really do not want to go to the ER on Christmas day.
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thinking about you and wondering if you are feeling okay?
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how are you doing today?

it could be so many things, if nothing else call your doc and see what he says...
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I hope your symptoms start to get better soon. I am not sure what it could be - but i would definitely recommend you go see your doctor just to be on the safe side
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It seems to have subsided. . . I often wonder if it was not pain from ovulating or something like that. . . Seems to be more painful than one would have imagined ovulating to be, but I feel much better today. I was kind of worried perhaps about ectopic pregnancy myself. But like I said it has gone away. If it comes back or anything else strange happens I will be sure to go to the doctor! Thank you guys for caring! It means alot to know that there are people out there who are genuinely concerned!
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It could have been a case of constipation too... or gas.
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And you didnt tell me about this?? Why??????????

You have had cyst's before AND you know you have to be careful about your liver!!! If you get the pains again please call the Dr!!!!
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