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Had an idea about this site

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Anne needs to keep this site going as it really is a nice place to come and learn and be with people who accept each other. I was wondering what some of you would think about having a cyber auction here? A donation of talent (or other items) sent in via a photo, have another website temp. set up to bid on the items (all monies going to promote and keep this website) I would dearly love to be able to send money, buy a membership, but I am usually very broke during the month. What I would donate is the top bidder's choice of a scrim of their favorite cat. It would look like a miniature replica of a etching with a frame on a stand that would sit on a shelf. I know there is a lot of talent here on this board and I hope other members might like this idea and be able to contribute their own crafts for this. Things like handmade kitty toys, poems (from blue) that kind of thing? After the auction, the money would go to Anne and the items to the winners. Just an idea, wonder about feedback now???????
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I don't have anything to donate (wish I was more creative!)but I have money to spend on items! I will support the $$$$ end of things.

again great idea!
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Good idea, Hissy! I do cross stitch. I could donate some stuff.
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Count me in!!!! I can paint a favorite cat portrait from a photo or do it handpainted on the back of a denim jacket or custom painted blue jeans. I really think this might be a way to get some funds to Anne to help meet expenses. The sooner we start this the better; so let's get a concensus quickly and find out how to set up the bidding, etc.

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Yes, i agree, it is also easier for me to donate items, than to budget the funds...
DebbieA and the Kids..Tai-Tai, Zoe and Baby
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You could paint a picture from one of my cat photos??? I would definitely pay for that!
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I would definitley help out, as i am also completely broke right now, but, i dont know what i could donate or do... :confused2
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Thanks everyone! You really do make me feel warm all over (I hope this doesn't have any "wrong" implications in English )

I will look into the bidding thing. We can always set up a forum for that... or maybe use ebay?

I can donate craft too I love cross-stitch and I have dozens of cat designs!
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you could donate some of your beautiful poetry!

do you know how to write in calligraphy?

i think it would be awesome if you wrote your poetry in some beautiful flowing script. I know I would love to have some framed & hanging in my house

you have SO much to offer!
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airprincess, thank you, that made my day

but i dont think many people would bid on my poetry, even if it was
written in calligraphy - i dont know how to do calligraphy but i
could learn...

i will give it a try if it helps Anne..

and thanks again angel :angel2:
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I cant say I am very good at one thing to help out. One thing I know I could make and donate is a cage curtain for cat shows.
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Dear Darlene,

Hey there! I know I may sound a little strange here. But, I have a sweatshirt with the movie "Cats" logo on it and it rocks...

I would love to get a pair of jeans in size 5 and have similar art work...Let me know and if so...let's talk out a price

My butt's only this big :laughing:
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Great cartoon - I don't remember when they took that photo of me... - but I did see your picture and I know your body looks nothing like that...
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LMAO!!! Anne you are so funny :laughing: :laughing:

There's no way any of us has a butt that big!!!!

That's priceless isn't it...I think Debby sent that to me...she also sent me some other really cool stuff.

So, I won't take the credit on finding that one!

Love & ,
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Catarina, Deb25 and anyone else interested;

If you want to e-mail me at Saucy-Kat@webtv.net or snail mail me:
Darlene Way
4490 West Pine Blvd. #514
St. Louis, MO. 63108

We can talk. I can paint anything from a photo or print or even a rough description of what you want. Jeans, denim jackets, vests etc. are all permanent. My nieces have things I have painted for them that have been washed over and over. . . . .

You would have to send the clothing to me and pay return postage, but other than that the paint and time I would donate. If we do a bidding thing on these, let's do it within the forums unless you think we would get more reponse on ebay, but you do realize that they charge. I belong to ebay and I pay a membership plus a percentage when I sell something. . .

Deb25; I can do a cat portrait on canvas in acrylic. Let me know the size you have in mind and we can work out how much (all to go to Anne, of course, except for the postage to mail finished portrait to you.)

Blue; I would pay for any and all of your poems!!! Do you have a collection you could maybe offer in portfolio style. Kinkos does this quite reasonably or PhotoShop or SnapFish on the net. Get a compilation together and open the bidding. . . . . .
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I have this one particular picture of Squirt and Joey from when Joey was still a kitten. I think I took it one of the first times they actually made friends. As for size, I don't know...8x10?

I will take me awile to dig the photo out of whatever box it's currently packed in. Give me a bit of time to get through this move, the end of school, and the 50 other things I'm juggling at the moment.
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You guys! I'm so excited about this! I can't wait for it to get up and running so many wonderful things to choice from!
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Deb25; Whenever you get settled and find the photo just let me know. I don't think we have established yet how we bid or pay or whatever so that is still up in the air. .

Catarina; Send me your jeans and an idea of what you want painted. I usually do the outside legs along either side of the seam from the knees down (or there abouts) and then the back pocket area. I include a surprise area of interest on the inside leg cuff/hem area. For this work I have gotten $35 plus return postage (which usually runs between $3 and $4 US (next day airmail) I have seen handpainted jeans with a lot less work on them then mine go for $75 to $100 in boutique shops n the West/East coast. So, I would say that anything $35 or above that you wanted to send to Anne would seem fair to me. Again, we have to work out payment with Anne, but e-mail me whenever you are ready.
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Hi Darlene!!!

Thank you and I'll definitely do that...I am still under renovation here and I have no idea where my jeans are since technically it's spring; summer is here in Florida. I would say the temp has been 89-95 this week. So, I don't wear jeans too much this time of year. However; I will not forget to pull them out of the boxes when all's repaired and carpet put in...etc. It's tough living out boxes : I love the idea of the surprise thing! :laughing2: I have no idea what you'd paint as the surprise for these pants! They are a surprise in and of themselves.
:laughing2: These jeans are torn to shreds...basically, they've been with me forever and I love 'em, painting some eyes on the butt would look great (adding some material probably wouldn't be such a bad idea either) Whatever you wanna do with them is fine...but I will send you the shirt that I'm talking about so you could use that as the picture perfect design I want. How's that?I Your friends are so lucky to have you. So, anyway, I will send them asap and the deal is kewl!! Thanks again

Love &
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so is it possible to do something like this?

I think it's something that we are all excited about. what do you think? Hissy made a good point about ebay costing. i think we should cut out any middlemen and keep it as simple as possible.

I just wanted to make sure this didn't fall between the cracks.
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