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Introducing my cats!

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Hi everybody!

I'm enjoying everybody's stories so much! I want to introduce my cats. (I've been posting under the behavior forum because I'm trying to get these two kitties to get along).

Boo: 4 year old black and white, long haired female. She always has a startled look to her face and she's so much fun to play with!

Pumpkin: 1 to 1 1/2 year old tortoise shell female. She's so affectionate and will roll off the bed, the couch, anything just to get your attention with her cuteness.

Here are some pics of both:


Pumpkin has more orange on her back than the picture shows. And Boo has extra toes! Both were also Halloween kitties -- hence the choice in names!


PS: fortunecity is rather picky about linking from elsewhere so I hope it works here too!
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Wendy, they are both beautiful. Yes, they are part Maine Coon Cat. Most domestics seem to be as they were the very first domestics found on ships. They seem to be the most precious domestics though. I seem to have 2 in the house now. I am going to buy a pure bred from a friend within the next few years. I have always wanted one. So nice to have someone in the freezing state with me!! Hey, we are going to have a cat show in Middletown on the 13th and 14th. You should come by or even enter one of your kitties!!
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Oh Wendy....your cats are absolutely beautiful!!! So glad you have joined us!!! Thanks for sharing the pictures!!
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They're sweet!

I really hope that the "cat pages" feature of this site will be launched soon. When it's online, everyone can make homepages for their cats very easily (it's fully automatic - you just add the text and upload the photos) and link to them from wherever they want (definitely from these forums )
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I am really enjoying this BB. It's so much fun to exchange ideas with everyone. I am completely computer illiterate. I wish I could put some pictures of my cats on this site. One day I will talk some computer friend of my kids into doing it for me.
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I know I've been talking about some time, but it's really soon now. We'll have a "cat pages" feature where everyone can make web pages for their cats. It's supposed to be very simple - all you have to do is type in some text and upload the pictures from your computer. You then get a page with the TCS layout all about your cat.

Coming soon! Promise!
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