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Tooth ripped out?

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Alrighty. Monte decided that the crust of my calzone was his prey, and grabbed it and ran off the desk with it. He was pulling on it with his mouth and feet, and trying to get a piece off when I took it back from him and found his bottom tooth stuck in it. So now his tooth is sitting on my desk, he doesn't seem TOO affected by it. I can't hold him still very long to look at it, he's more interested in running around looking for his "prey", but I see the bloody spot that once held a little fang. He went and drank out of the fishtank again (he has a perfectly good water bowl on the floor...), tried to find the calzone again, and is now sleeping in his cat tree.

I'm going to assume this will need vet attention in the AM so it doesn't get infected? Anyone else's kitties lose their teeth before while trying to eat something (or do something) they shouldn't be?
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How old is he? Could it be just one of his baby teeth?
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Ive had kitties lose their teeth before but it never really affected them. My brothers cat Toonsis only has like two teeth left, but he does well and is like 16 yo.
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Originally Posted by Yosemite View Post
How old is he? Could it be just one of his baby teeth?
I wasn't sure if they had baby teeth. He is only 4½ months old, so that could very well be. It looks like another tooth is missing too compared to his sister's mouth (and it wasn't stuck in the calzone!).
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Yup... thats a baby tooth...

Don't worry about it. He'll be just fine...
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I'd guess it was a baby tooth then. If it doesn't regrow, I'd talk to the vet--broken adult teeth can lead to infection, especially since the roots are deep and usually remain behind when the crown of the tooth breaks.
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I wish I'd found any baby teeth! I think the boys must both have swallowed theirs when they came out, I'd have liked to have kept some though. 4 1/2 months is just the right age to start losing baby teeth, his mouth may be a little sore and he may get bad breath - and he's likely to chew stuff while he's teething so make sure that he can't get to your power cables!
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Yeah, they do tend to chew on everything and I always wanted to keep my kitties baby teeth too! With Glitch, he was only six month old when he crossed the Bridge and had never lost a baby tooth! I always heard right around 4 months is about right though!
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yea... I missed all my kitty's baby teeth too
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Wow, I had no idea cats had baby teeth to lose. Chloe is a little over 4 months so I guess I should be watching out for this. She likes to chew on things but I've always attributed that to her being bottle fed, but maybe it's a teething thing.

I'd call the vet in the morning just to see if they want you to come in.
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Sounds like it's a baby tooth alright. We were lucky enough to actually find one from both Mika and Bijou which are now in their scrapbooks.

To help your kitty when he/she is teething, get some of the fat plastic straws and toss a few around for them to chew on. When they get chewed up a bit put out new ones and trash the old ones. They love the straws.
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My kittie just lost his baby teeth, he is about 5 1/2 months old.

The new ones arent quite as sharp as the old ones. Which is great, cuz now if he bites me it wont hurt as much!

I found 3 of his baby teeth!
All of them were fangs.
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Cool - I found one of Eliza's but lost it in one of our moves

The straws are great. One of my adults is quite the chewer and she loves straws. I give the Bengals a new one every few days. It's amazing how much pleasure they get out of the simple thing
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