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collars for indoor cats?

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i just read the thread about bells or no bells... and i see some people use collars on cats that are totally indoors? mine is too but i never put a collar on her, should i? i'm sure this is a question that has been asked before, but since i only have one, i'm not too experienced
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Mine are all indoors and they all wear collars and tags. I feel safer with them wearing them, just in case one ever gets out.
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Mine are strickly indoors and I use collars, tags, and bells too! I love the bells! I like the fact that if they get out I can get them back even if I do get the ticket!! I love knowing they'll come back to me!
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hmmm interesting... Shiraz never gets close to the door and never tries to get out and if i have to keep the door open for something i put her in a room for a few mins... i dont know how she'd deal with a collar, but maybe i will try it just in case... it would look cute now that she's all groomed and it's purple and one of those safe ones i'll have to see what she thinks of it... otherwise i dont think i really need it, although she is not chipped so maybe it's better to be safe than sorry...
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Its been asked before and opinions vary for different reasons. My first cat was an indoor/outdoor cat and he had a collar (obviously). All the rest were inside cats - never wore collars and the majority were also show cats so it was a big no-no for collars and "collar marks" on the neck!

I've never had a cat escape, so never used collars. Ling had a collar when younger only till we broke her of trying to get outside.
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I put collars on my kitties (not all of them have them though) cause I think they look cute! I also can tell when Perseus is up to no good his bell is distinctive
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I never put a collar on my cat when he's indoors... we never did with family cats growing up, either. I don't want them to be uncomfortable for something that's not necessary (my cat is microchipped, so that's the insurance in case he escapes). Collars can be itchy...

I'm sure animals who wear them all the time are used to them, but I know I wouldn't like a piece of clothing I could never take off. When my cat comes in from inside, he sometimes pulls the collar off himself right inside the front door... I can't figure out if this is a coincidence, or he's really smart. He'll also wait for me to put a collar on him before he heads toward the door. Could just be a Pavlovian association.
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Both my girls are strictly indoors. They have absolutely no interest in the outdoors and haven't tried to escape. I do have a harness so I can occasionally take them outside on a leash, but I refuse to put a collar on a cat. My childhood cat hanged herself with a collar and I don't want to take the chance ever again - even with a safety collar.
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My kitties are indoor only and both wear collars with tags (one has a bell just because it does not come off).
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Indoors only, collared, microchipped, used to be tagged (I can't find that collar anymore).

He likes to try to get outside, so I know if anyone ever accidently left the door open, (repairman, etc) he'd go out. And I don't trust vets/animal control to scan him.

Plus I like the bell, else I trip over him.

And the collar's never seemed to bother him at all.
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Mine are indoor only and don't wear them. Matilda is microchipped but Chloe isn't yet (they are doing it when she is spayed next month). I do put their collars on when I take them to the vet, the groomer, on trips, etc. and the collar stays on during the whole time they are away from home.

They just haven't tried getting out yet.
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Mine are indoor only - collar, tag and microchip for each cat. Lilly loves the attention she gets when people tell her how pretty she is in her collar.

Forrest took about a week to totally get used to wearing one, but now he never seems to even know it's there.

Both cat's have soft leather safety collars with Swarovski crystals. The crystals are bezel set (so no prongs) and when the cats run around the crystals have a very slight "rattle" to them.

I'm terrified that they might get outside and could get lost. We have many coyote and other predators here in my area. At least with a collar a neighbor might call me right away.
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I know of a cat who died while wearing a collar when she got it over her jaw and choked on it when her owner wasn't around - so I've kept my indoor-only cats microchipped and not collared. I always cringe when I see collars too loose on cats.
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Originally Posted by bnwalker2 View Post
Mine are all indoors and they all wear collars and tags. I feel safer with them wearing them, just in case one ever gets out.
me, too. Pixel is the only one not wearing a collar at this time, because she had some hair loss/raw skin around her neck [i think because of stress, due to Firefox]. Java got out just a few weeks ago. true, i was with her & got her back in, but they can be sneaky [& quick!]. mine also have tags w/their names & my home & cell numbers, plus a message saying 'if you see me outside i am lost' [except for Firefox, but she has a 'pet locator' tag that's registered on a website. i haven't gotten her her tage yet - planning to soon, tho. i think she's officially mine].
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My cats have never worn collars before but they're indoor/outdoor cats and I didnt want them to hang themselves on something (even though they have safety collars). Since Im moving and theyre used to being outdoors Im sure they'll try to escape so they'll be wearing collars all the time. The first time I put their collars on (on all six of the cats) I was prepared for screaming balls of fluff to be tearing around the house but they didnt even seem to notice!!
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