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Missing my Pixie-cat

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I have lost cats before, however growing up all our cats were "working cats," Pixie was my first live-in cat friend, she was a stray kitten that we rescued and filled my life with fuzzy love for 14 years. She passed away do to complications with low-blood sugar (she was diabetic), and had kidney failure and other complications. She could have been kept alive but she would have to have both a feeding tube and oxygen. My husband and I didn't feel that was any way for a cat to live, so we let her go the day after Thanksgiving. My husband decided he wanted to get another cat right away, since our older cat couldn't stand being left alone during the day without his pal to pick on. I suppose my husband felt the house was too empty as well... which it did. So we got two kittens who have really brightened up our home a bit, however I am missing my old cat horribly. A friend stopped by the shop today and made me a scrapbook of pictures she had taken of both Miles and Pixie over the past few years, it was an awesome gift, unfortunately its making my poor heart feel raw with pain. I keep telling myself its good to mourn with love and memory as a guide. And that little bit of guilt starts to creep in again wondering if I did the right thing, which I know we did no cat should live like that, but the twang of guilt is still there. I hope my sweet Pixie-cat comes back into this world as she wishes to be (yeah I believe in reincarnation, the idea of a heaven doesn't sing to me personally).

We miss you Pixie!
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I'm so sorry for your loss. But you did the right thing for Pixie. Feeding tubes and oxygen for any period of time would have been hard on her so you did what was best. She will always be a part of your heart.
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I'm so sorry for your loss. RIP Pixie.
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RIP Pixie.
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You did the right thing. That choice is one of the very hardest to make and I think everyone has a different opinion but with feeding tubes and oxygen I dont think anyone in this world could ever say you did the wrong thing! She's happy now over the bridge, (or ready to be born again, I like that idea too)
Whole again and not in any pain at all!

Sorry for the loss of you beloved Pixie!
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That picture is a thousand words! The little pink claws! You really loved your cat and are missing her, too.

I am Buddhist and although we don't exactly believe in reincarnation we do believe the energy of life and the love we felt for our cats is somehow reborn. When I've lost a cat it has calmned me to think of them as already being on their way to their next life's adventures even while I am still mourning them.

Pixie sounds (and looks) like a little imp and I'm sure all that energy, no longer held back by a sick body, is on to better things.

I'm sending my consolations.
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I'm so sorry for your loss.You did the right thing for Pixie and ended her suffering. Rest in Peace Pixie.
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Condolences on your loss of Pixie. I know how up & down the grieving process is - sending lots of prayers & vibes that you are soon comforted
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It was a really hard and courageous decision from you to let go your Pixie. It's never easy to let go, but you chose what was best for him. I'm sure that, because of that choice, he was able to live happily until the end. It will take courage again for you to live through the pain of loosing your cat and altough the pain might never completely go away, I swear you will get better and smile while thinking about him one day. I'm sending you vibes to help feel better.

Take care,
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I am so sorry for your loss. Find comfort in knowing you made the right choice for your Pixie. My vet told me that when we end the suffering of our pets, we begin ours! I just put my baby to sleep 3 weeks ago as her breast cancer spread to her lungs and she was starting to have breathing issues. It was the worst day of my life. But I know in time it will get better!

Just always love and cherish those memories!
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I'm so sorry What a gorgeous little cherub Rainbow Bridge has opened it's gates to

Have fun at the bridge with all your new friends Pixie

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