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Spooky broke her leg -- help!

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She has had a cast on her front leg for 6 weeks and the vet says that it isn't healing and we have some decisions to make. Orthopedic surgery $2,000, another 6 weeks of cast $300 or euthanasia. If we go for the surgery she has to be confined in a cage for 6 weeks. I think she will be a basket case! Has anyone else had a cat or known of a cat with a broken leg? It is her front one, between elbow and foot, both bones snapped. I worry that she has brittle bones -- I think she did it jumping from a very low roof. She has been very good with her cast so far but if it isn't healing....I'd love some advice, it's a very difficult decision.
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Could he walk on it after he broke it??

I have one I didn't get taken care of right away because he walked alright on it... Anyways it healed all screwed up and he walks like a pit bull now...

I hope you dont have to make the worlds hardest decision. Not much help, just wanted to tell you mine has a broke one also and he just uses the other one to walk on...
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What does the vet recommend?

Simon my Persian tore his ACL in his back leg and required surgery and a cast for 6 weeks. He had to be kept in a large dog cage for 6 weeks. It was a long 6 weeks but he is now completely healed.

Has Spooky been confined for the first six weeks? That could be a reason why it hasn't healed yet.

Lots and lots of vibes for you and Spooky!
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I don't have any advice for you but Leo recently fractured his leg, so I kind of know what you're going through. Sending lots of healing vibes for Spooky!
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My Brothers Cat her leg years ago. She broke right by the elbow and above it. It healed messed up and was bent strange but she acted just like a normal Cat after.
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My cat Neville has a bone disease. I have had to deal with more fractures then IMAGINABLE... Right rear leg twice... left rear leg... right front leg... his tail... and his heel...

Yes being cage rested drives them nutty for a little while, but it is in there best interest. You can let them out to sit with you, just no crazy running or jumping.

Nevilles first fracture of his right rear leg healed with a malunion... He did later fracture it again... I would suggest doing what you can best afford to get the leg to heal properly or it can present problems down the road.

Also, I dont know how much things cost where you live but 2,000 dollars sounds like a whole lot... I rescued a kitten who had to have BOTH of his back legs plated and it cost 1,200. And that was done by a specialist...

Hope some of this helps...
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We have decided to go for the orthopedic surgery and have a date for New Year's Eve. I am most concerned about the after care -- confining her for 6 weeks in a cage. It will certainly be necessary because she is a jumper, even with the cast on so she will just have to get used to it. Then, trying to keep her indoors so she doesn't injure herself again. She was an animal shelter kitten who is rapidly becoming an expensive rare breed!
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Here is a picture of Simon in his dog cage. Off to the right side was his litter box and water bowl. It was rough the first few days as he was in pain and hated the cast. At the end of the six weeks he began to really hate being locked up. It will be a year in January that he had his surgery and those six weeks are a distant memory.

Lots of vibes for a successful surgery and a quick recovery!!
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For Spooky.
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Awwww sending many vibes for Spooky..
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Thanks again for all of the support. It's nice to know there is life after keeping them cooped up for 6 weeks! I'm going to try to post a picture of her -- I know she should be black, but she got her name because we adopted her on Halloween.
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Ill post the pic for you so that everyone can see without clicking the link!!

She's adorable and I do think you're doing the right thing by going through with the surgery!

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Sending lots of vibes for a smooth and successful surgery!
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Yes, she is very pretty, and has a sweet personality. When I got her, I thought she was going to be very fluffy. However, the fur on her back stayed short, fur on tummy is long and silky and she has a magnificent tail. I got fooled, but as you know it takes about 10 minutes to fall in love with a kitten...and I'm glad. Only thing is, she loves DH more than me now. I'm the cook, litter box cleaner and maid servant.
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Spooky's surgery went well and she is home. NOt using the leg though --holding it up. I'm going to try physio on her when she will let me, just putting into the right attitude, pressing against it. She doesn't like it much. The surgeon said that she should start putting weight on it asap. I think that she will be ok eventually.
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Happy to hear that Spookys surgery went well
Hope she feels better soon & hope she heals quickly
Keep updating us on how Spooky is doing...
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Yea! I'm glad the surgery went well and she is home.

The first 5-7 days are very painful as the body starts healing the bone. Until the overgrowth of bone occurs, usually a week out, the bone are subject to movement - even with pins, there is a microscopic amount of movement that can cause pain. It is very common in humans to have them non-weight bearing for one to two weeks, then start gradually add some weight bearing activity.

At this point, just having her up and moving in the crate is probably enough. I bet that next week or the week after, the activity level and use of the leg will be very different. Then you could start PT, with the vet's permission.
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