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My cat is sneezing

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Sweetie is sneezing lots. She also has had a runny eye and is being treated for Herpes. I have an ointment I got from the vet for her eye. She's eating and seems ok. Do cats get colds.
Has anyone else had this problem?
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It sounds like the herpes infection is flaring up. Is she taking any L-Lysine?
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If she is being treated for herpes the sneezing is a symptom of it. I would recommend giving her 250 mg L-lysine (you can pick it up at the health store) twice a day. (A total of 500 mg L-lysine daily.) You can mix it in her wet food and it shouldn't bother Sweetie. Another supplement you might consider is Transfer Factor for Felines (made by 4life, which you can get on Ebay). It is an immune booster, which will help her to fight off infection. Good luck!
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I'm a relatively new cat "owner" (2 months) so take this for what it's worth.

My Penelope started having these sneezing fits about a month ago. Talked to the vet and he said it was probably herpes and suggested L-Lysine. However...Pen has been licking the windowsill lately because of the water that builds up there in the morning. I observed that on the other windows, some mold was growing on the sill. So i wiped it down with water and vinegar (killing the mold) and she hasn't sneezed very much since.

Just another possibility.
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