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Hudson and Skylar's First Vet Visit (With Me)

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I adopted Hudson and Skylar last Friday. They had been fixed but needed their stitches out, so we tried a vet today. The vet I went to was recommended by my mom and I really like her. They took out the stitches. Hudson was perfect and weighed in at 8.9 lbs. Skylar had some problems. I had asked to see the vet because of her eye (tech was just going to take out stitches)... it looked cloudy and half the time she had that yucky pink eyelid sticking out. The vet said it looks like a scratch on her eyes and gave her eyedrops... plus she looked at the stitches and she said Skylar had a suture reaction? Basically an infection I guess so she got antibiotics too. I just gave her her first round of both, and she is NOT happy with me. lol She won't even let me pet her. I think it'll be a rough few days with her needing the antibiotics every 12 hours and the eyedrops every 8.

With the eyedrops... how accurate do you have to get with the drops? I couldn't get them in her eye, she kept squeezing them shut, but I got them in the corner of the eye while it was shut. Is that good enough or should I hold her down and try again?

(Skylar weighed in at 7.2 lbs)
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We had to put eye stuff in Jack's eye. The way the vet showed us how to do it was to hold the eye open with our fingers--it was a two person job but he got used to it. The oral anti-biotics he was on for his ear infection however were a different situation. That was a rough 10 days, but actually was easier with one person.

Good luck

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You really need to get the drops on their eye. If the eye is closed, getting it in the corners won't help. The easiest way I've found to apply them is to hold their head in one hand, using your thumb and forefinger to hold the lid open, and then apply the drops. Make sure you hold their head for a few seconds, or they will shake the drops out. If you will bring the drops around from the back of heir head, kind of like you were trying to keep them from seeing it, it helps, too. I've always had to do the 'sneak attack' thing to apply them to my girls. Good luck and I hope she gets better soon!
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We just did another round of eye meds. Poor Skylar walked up to me for the first time today since the first round and was purring and rubbing up against me when I realized it was that time again. Now she's sitting across the room from me giving me evil looks
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