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I'm done !!!

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I am so happy I just finished getting everything ready for Christmas, I didn't think I would ever be done. Now I can just do a little more baking and relax.
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All my shopping is done, gifts are all wrapped, and only 2 more kinds of goodies to bake. Then, I'm done too.
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All I've got to do is finish sending out Christmas cards which we'll be working on tonight.
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Good for you!
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OH man and I haven't even had a chance to start yet!! I've got extra hours at work, a second job, no money, stress and a serious cold. :P Christmas is cancelled. I don't wanna play any more!!!! WAAAAA!!
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I am so jealous! I have bought no gifts, baked no goodies, sent no cards! I'm starting tonight and hoping to finish it all minus the baking... Kick back and relax, for me?
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Originally Posted by butzie View Post
Good for you!
......would you celebrate with a Margarita?.......
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woo i am glad i dont celebrate it haha but congrats on those who are all done or close to it! less stress!
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Originally Posted by CoolCat View Post
......would you celebrate with a Margarita?.......
oh now you are tempting me I just might
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Weeee. I'm done too! All my presents are bought/wrapped. Got all of the food scept for a salad (make it on the day) and i'm going to make a hugeeee batch of home made lemonade!
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shopping. . . done. .. never. . . .

Still have some people to buy for. . . I can not get into the spirit this year. . . I am just looking forward to the day off work. . .
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I am almost done. Tomorrow I am going to buy my boyfriends present and then I am all done.
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wooo! am done aswel
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