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Jury Duty! Aghh!

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So I was summoned for jury duty starting Monday, 12/17. Wasn't too thrilled, considering Rob's birthday was on 12/18 and I had a "mini-surprise" planned for him, where I showed up at work and brought him mini-cupcakes (he already got his gifts and card by then). Mind you, the Dorchester County "seat" is out in St. George, SC - a good 25 miles from our house.

Monday I go in, and sit through 3 hours of introduction, screening, etc. There were 150 people picked randomly by a computer to show up. Maybe half actually did. They had 3 cases pending for the week - one Monday, two on Tuesday, and more if none of them lasted longer than a day or two. I got picked for the Monday case (thankfully, I would have been mad if I had to go in all day Tuesday!!) which was where a prison inmate was suing Leiber Correctional, a maximum security prison around here. We sat through the plaintiff's argument - which was the guy representing himself, and then went back to our jury room a few times. At 4pm we came back out, and the judge had dismissed the case and told us to call back at 6pm the next night for instructions.

Tuesday I go to work and they pay me a full day's pay for being at jury duty (AWESOME. The county also pays $25.00/day you are there). I call at 6pm and the message said "The remaining jury panel should please show up at 9:15, Thursday, December 20th for their jury service." Here is where things got crazy!

I called on Wednesday to clarify what it meant. No one answered the phone, so I left a voicemail and asked the lady to call back. "Remaining" made it sound like they wanted the people who did not get called for the first 3 cases. I never got through to anyone Wednesday.

This morning I got to work in West Ashley, which is 25 miles from my house in the OPPOSITE direction of the courthouse. I called the Clerk of Courts' office and asked the lady if I had to be there because I served on Monday. She said she didn't know, and didn't follow what I was asking. Then told me to call the message back. I told her it said the same thing it has since Tuesday night and I want clarification on who the "REMAINING" jury panel is - everyone, or just those who haven't served on a jury yet. She said "I don't know, hold on." (quite snottily ). "Yes, you need to be here at 9:15."

Mmhmm. I work 50 miles away and you want me there in 30 minutes. RIGHT. So I told her (with an equal attitude), that I worked an hour or so away and wouldn't make it on time. She told me "too bad, you need to be here." So I responded with "That's fine, but it won't be at 9:15..."

I got there at 9:50, she had called me back while I was about 15 miles away and asked where I was, because they were waiting. When I got there though, they already were about to strike the chosen jurors for the case. 15 minutes later the judge excused us for the rest of the week and said we don't have to serve until 2010.

So not only did I have to leave work today for no reason (although I will be paid for that as well...), I had to drive 50 miles out there, 25 back towards home, just to sit there for 15 minutes and be sent off again. AGHHHH!! I was going to go back to work, but my boss told me that I didn't have to if I didn't want to. So hopefully they will pay me for the entire day anyway... hmm.

Sorry, just needed to rant!
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That stinks!!! At least ya got paid for missing work lol...I have never got called to jury duty(knock on wood)...DH had one time, but it ended up gettting cancelled so he didnt have to go.
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Oh, boy, what a mess!!! One time, I tried filing some papers with the court just across the street from our office but they said that I had to drive it south (a 45 mi. trip one way). So I called the clerk at that court, she was out sick so the judge's clerk got my call and told me that she would accept my filing after hours (shhh, don't tell anyone she did that ). I sped down to the southern court (oh, yeah - there's plenty of two-lane, major highway - I was going 100 to pass the trucks) got there 15 min. after 5 only to find out that the file had been sent to courthouse across from my office and HAD TO BE FILED THERE!!! The southern courthouse clerk was angrier than I was - actually, except for wasting fuel and time, I was okay with it because I keep fun tunes in the car.
In your situation,I think what is most irritating is that you were doing your patriotic duty, and with a will, and the vagueness of instructions and the inability (or is it unwillingness) of the clerk's office created a "tragedy of errors" for you, and most likely, some of the rest of the jurors. Sounds like your courts need an overhaul
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I have unfortunately been summoned for 01/09/2008... can't say I'm looking forward to doing it again.
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That sucks you had to through all that. Complete idiots. Guess that makes me crazy for wanting to get called for jury duty. lol I am very curious. I will probably be called in the worst time possible with my luck lol. Atleast you got paid time off though!
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That's just crazy! I never heard of jury members being called back like in your case. I thought sitting there from 8:30-7pm without seeing a jury room was bad.
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Originally Posted by Crazyforinfo View Post
That's just crazy! I never heard of jury members being called back like in your case. I thought sitting there from 8:30-7pm without seeing a jury room was bad.
That is crazy (not that I don't doubt you). How inconvenient!
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It was re-dunk-u-lous! I was going to complain about the lady's unhelpfulness and rudeness to the judge or the head clerk of court but they were about to start the case when they let the rest of us go. The same lady told another girl if she didn't come, she would send the deputy out to get her.

Dorchester County has a satellite location in Summerville, where I live. We had to get a tree permit so we could clear our land, and they sent us 25 miles out to St. George to get something with our plat done, and then something else approved, and then bring the paper back to them. Am I a courier service!?

We will also have to drive out to St. George next month to get our marriage license. I put 200 miles on the car today. Jeez.

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