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Damita Update - Food, Fungus, & Hearing

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Good news & bad news.

Good news - No more Ringworm!!!!!!!!

It's finally gone for good....because we're outta meds to try!

Bad news - This vet agrees that she's loosing her hearing as well.

Mariginally bad news - He can't tell me why her ears so clearly hurt her....they're scabby & she's scratching at them & crying. So, we're gonna try putting Panalog on her ears 2-3x a day for several weeks & hope that helps.

Really bad news - Her food issues have gotten worse again. He suggested switching foods every few months. She seems to get intolerant to a food over a period of time, usually can got 3 months on a food. So, now I have to find enough foods to rotate! I've also got an 18 lb. bag of Fromms in the closet I need to switch her from. So, she's gonna get switched between Fromms Duck, Natural Balance Duck & Green Pea(just started this food a few days ago), & I have to find another food or two she can eat.

Not sure how I plan to approach the wet food aspect, I assume just keep rotating the same wets....maybe pull a few flavors to hold back in case she starts having issues again.

I'm just really excited the ringworm's gone!!!!
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I am still thinking hpefully someone has some ideas on food
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No Ideas on the food thing, But Congratulations on finally getting rid of the ringworm! YAY!!
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Sorry to hear about Damita's hearing and food issue. I am happy that the ringworm is gone. Continued
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Congrats on getting rid of the ringworm!!! Good luck with the food issues. That sounds like a tough thing to work out.

to Damita for her ears to feel better!
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Glad that you have finally got somewhere with the ringworm, and good luck with her ears and food.
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