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Poll, how many cats say "Moma"?

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My Maggie says "Moma". Now I'm not crazy I know she doesn't realize that is what she is saying. She does realize that when she meows like that I'm going to respond. Usually with a "What's wrong my princess." So I know my cat is not the only one that meows what sounds like words. Who else? (OK so it's slow at work & I'm bored)
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Tonka says Momma, Lexus says Wow!, Pearl says Room, George just bleats like a lamb. *grin*
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Max makes all kinds of sounds, mostly "Ow-wow" but one does sound a little bit like "maaaa-ma."

However, I know darn well it's just a sound.
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Originally Posted by GingersMom View Post
However, I know darn well it's just a sound.
Isn't it funny though how they can pick up on which sound you respond to. All it took was me fawning over her once or twice when she meowed like that, now she does it all the time.
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Lilly and Spooky Bear make that sound all the time, I think it's adorable!
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Mine don't meow "mama" but when Jasmine meows it's like she's saying "ell-o" It's hilarious
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MEOMY , Now, why not , let me out
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Lucky calls Mom, Mom if I don't answer she says Momma
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My pair don't really talk talk..... but they have certain sounds that equate to words. They are however bilingual If you know what I mean..... they understand English and Danish. When it comes to food at least.......
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Tomas makes a moma meow too. Seems to be an easy sound for cats to make. However he only makes it to me, never for DH no matter how excited Tomas is to get a treat.
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I have a couple that make word sound meows, but it's not Mama, it's more like Ma! Ma! Ma! Ma!!!!!!!!!!!
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Originally Posted by bnwalker2 View Post
Lilly and Spooky Bear make that sound all the time, I think it's adorable!
I love it when she does it. Maggie does it most when she is hungry & I'm ignoring her.
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Reggae always follows me into the kitchen and says MOMA! I answer him with "what, baby?"

Tiki doesn't say much at all. Hers is more just a "mwer"
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When I ask baby Sophia where her toy is she says, "I don't know." Brilliant, eh?
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Whitey does more the "mra-om" (mom) noise. It's super cute, especially when their bowls are empty and its 5 am (Ok not cute that the time).
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Enzy does!!!!! He has a lot of different words too! You can tell the difference between Mom and Dad, and Sorry and it wasn't me
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It's Dylan who says Mama, actually, and he's talking to my mom. I think he actually does know what he's saying -- because my father has long been in the habit of calling Mom "Mama," and he calls out to her many times every day. So when Dylan stands outside Mom's bedroom door and cries mournfully, "Mmmammma?" I believe he really is trying to imitate Papa's voice!

And my Clydie is a devious one. His voice is naturally pretty low, but he knows that Mom will always open her door for St. John (her special beloved), so he stands there and imitates St. John's tiny, high-pitched mew to get her to let him in!

Ah, they are all so much smarter than most of us realize...
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When Limerick is licking his chops while meowing it can sound like "Momma" but he really doesn't any anything buy "Meow". The funny thing is when i asked him is my Dh was crazy he seemed to nod "yes".... we just about died laughing!
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My RB kitty Whiskers used to say Mama. Neither Jacob nor Lâki do, though!
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Geronimo not only says "Mama", he thinks I'm his Mama!

Maverick says something that sounds like "Ma-Rwow", and a few other "words" too. He's the talker of the bunch.

Winchester, Spencer, & Gabriel don't really "talk" that much: they're the strong, silent type.

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