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Luxating patella(s)?

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Hi all - I'm new here, invited by maherwoman many, many moons ago, and just now having the time to check the site out. I promise I'll post a better introduction later, but first a query:

One of our cats was diagnosed with a luxating patella in her right hind leg over two years ago. Her knee hasn't really caused any problems since then, but now it seems to be back with a vengeance, and this time in both legs Same symptoms as before: holding legs stiffly, shaking them out behind her to re-align the kneecap, not wanting to jump.

She's pretty young (3 years old) and very small, maybe 8 pounds and not an ounce of fat, so I know it's not a weight-related complication.

When she was diagnosed, the vet recommended a wait-and-see approach, and said she might require surgery to deepen the groove of the joint(s). We're no longer with that vet (philosophical disagreements ) and as the cats have been remarkably healthy, I haven't found a new one yet. I guess I'm just looking to gather as much information as possible before seeking out a new vet and possible treatment options.

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look at this

www.standardprocess.com look at the ligaplex

My yorkie has this issue and I use the second one with her .... first was used in the beginning and on my RB Kandie when she got arthiritis

More common is Cosequin

Welcome to TCS
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Thank you!
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Hi. My almost 1 year old had surgery about 3 months ago. He will probably need surgery on the other leg sometime in the future as well. He takes a joint supplement as it helps to ease some of his discomfort. I recomend you see a vet and see if they will refer you to a specialist (orthopedic surgeon). They have a lot of experience with luxating patellas. Whether or not they recomend surgery will probably depend on what grade your cat is and how much pain she is in. My boy was a high 2 in one leg and is a 1 in the other. He was limping horribly on the grade 2 leg and surgery was recomended immediately so arthritis did not set in. (Rest had not remedied the limping) He had no groove in the bone so there was nothing to hold his knee in place. His other knee has been slipping out recently but his surgeon does not recomend surgery yet since it is still a grade 1. It really helps to get pet steps for beds, etc.
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Welcome to the site!

I don't have a WHOLE lot of knowledge/experience with this condition, however, from what I have read I've gathered that this condition has less to do with age/weight/lifestyle and more to do with genetics... I have a black lab and luxating patellas is something the breed can be easily prone to (like hip displaysia and retinal problems)... so don't feel like this was caused in some way by how you've cared for your kitty!

Luckily, my dog does not suffer from the condition (otherwise I'd have done a lot more research), but as far as I know there are several options for treatment... I'd start checking around for a well-respected vet in your area (I didn't note where you're from, lol) to start getting your baby better... and remember, it's more than ok to want multiple opinions! Good luck!
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