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Just my thought

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I just wanted to say that overall I have found this site to be very warm and accepting. I raise Persians and have never felt any pressure to stop and become a rescuer. Although I have saved several animals. I dont see it as a requirement to come here and share stories and thoughts.
Of course everyone doesnt always agree. That is okay, it keeps life interesting.
Keep it up everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Thank you for your kind post. I do indeed think that most people are happy here, and that we do have a great site. Anne has done a marvelous job here!!

Thanks for the compliment!
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thanks so much for your feedback! I'm glad you feel welcomed in our little corner of the internet! Take off your shoes and make yourself at home
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Im glad that you feel that way! I'm particularly glad that you have the experience you do, without it alot of our breed questions would loose out!

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