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Throwing up

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My cat, Cretin, has been throwing up each time he eats. He is just a few months old and is rather on the chubby side. He is always by the food bowl eating and eating and eating, then he throws it all up and eats grass, then throws that up too.
Oh, and he was born kind of deformed. Something with his hind legs. They seem to point outward and he sits all hunched up, like he is sitting using his front legs and not leaning on his back legs, which point outwards rather like a seals fins when he sits. And he is rather slow to react to things. He even walks in the rain like its not raining at all while his litter mates are all sitting under the shade to keep out of the rain. I always dry him of course, but his eating habits are kinda getting out of control. It's almost as if he has no feeling at all!
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If the cat is throwing up as frequently as you say, a vet visit is definitely in order. Sooner rather than later. How long has this been going on?

Cats use grass as internal cleansers, so vomiting after eating grass is normal. Vomiting after every meal certainly is not.

Have you tried restricting the amount of food available to him so he doesn't overeat? It sounds like he overeats to the point of making himself sick. Most cats are able to self-regulate their food intake so this doesn't happen but it sounds like Cretin is not one of those cats.
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Time to see the VET as soon as you can
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