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Yes, we eat leftovers but since Jenny is at college and our son is a picky eater, mostly I freeze leftovers for another day. Except for cheese noodles (perciatelli and Swiss cheese) I have been known to eat them the next day for lunch - cold!
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I'm a no. Except cold pizza.

It's just... gross. I don't know why. I save stuff, and intend to eat it, but can't ever bring myself to.
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Yep - and in the past mom would make "Refrigerator Stew".

"Refrigerator Stew".
Open refrigerator - take out leftovers good enuf to eat and throw in pot with tomato juice. Cook for a while, season to taste. Eat.
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I very rarely eat leftovers...mostly because DH usually gets to them before I do.
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Originally Posted by Tari View Post
I very rarely eat leftovers...mostly because DH usually gets to them before I do.
Me too! Oh goodness, I'm not the only one dating a human trash can!!

Mind you, I did manage to sneak in a plate of left over lasagne this evening. But that's only because my BB is out tonight.
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most deffinatley depends on what it is that is left over. . .
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Originally Posted by badninjakitties View Post
I always have the best of intentions when it comes to eating leftovers. but more often than not leftovers just go to my fridge to die. I think something called me momma one time--that is where I drew the line!

I know what you mean. I occassionally pull out furry good intentions.

Originally Posted by bnwalker2 View Post
I always eat leftovers if they've been put away somewhat quickly. No one else here has a problem with leaving food sit out for three or four hours and then putting it away. They're never sick but I don't like to take chances!
Be careful with putting hot things away too soon. I learned this as a restaurant manager. Either let it cool completely before covering it and putting it in the fridge, or put it in the fridge without a cover until it is cool, then cover it. Something about the condensation. I know that is what we did with all of our soups that we made. We put them in the fridge uncovered, let them cool, then covered them. Just an FYI!
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Dh is a picky eater, but we do eat leftovers, sometimes I eat leftovers for lunch.
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I'll only eat them if they aren't more that three days old. I have a food poisoning paranoia. My favorite left over food is spaghetti. For some reason it just tastes better warmed up.
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Actually, I wasn't totally truthful in my response. I said "yes", but if you ask Rob we don't have "leftovers". What we have is "experienced food", and it brings its experience to lots of other dishes. Experienced food is great for casseroles, which Rob loves -- that works something like Jan's "refrigerator stew", and is always tasty. I always do more potatoes than we'll eat, because they fry up nicely -- even mashed makes nice patties.
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For me it depends on how old it is Day or two after, sure! But anything beyond 3 days is in the garbage.
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I have always eaten leftovers just as we always used them when I was a kid. I think some things like stews and homemade soups are better the second day. Since I am usually just cooking for myself now I will freeze things that I can't make just a little of like lasagna.
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I'm a bachelor ... I don't cook ... 'nuff said.
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I never eat leftovers. Though I do bring them home and feed them to my friends who come over.
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Originally Posted by mezlo View Post
I'm a bachelor ... I don't cook ... 'nuff said.
Hehehehehe I think that's a trend that holds true everywhere in the world hun!
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I only eat left over turkey. Everything else sits in the fridge for a week then we throw it out. We don't have a microwave so we usually throw everything out right away.
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Originally Posted by AbbysMom View Post
My mother was commenting the other day that she can't believe some people don't eat leftovers and what a waste of food it is.

I don't mind them. I normally cook enough for a few days so we will have leftovers. They are always good for lunches, too.

I do know quite a few peoplethat throw away any leftovers.

What do you do?
I eat leftovers when any food is left, since I am on the Weight Watchers program, I usually just cook enough for the one meal but if there happens to be any left, I certainly do eat them.
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Hubby often works late shift, while I work days, so I frequently cook enough for two days, so we can individually pop the leftovers in the microwave the second day. Also, if there's a lot of preparation time involved, I want to be able to enjoy the meal for two days.

We had sauerbraten today, and will have it again tomorrow with different side dishes.
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Most times we have leftovers from supper. And most times I'll take that serving for me for work the next day
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I got into the habit of cooking too much when I didnt have hte car and couldnt get anywhere at lunch time, so had to take dinners, and still do it. I am cautious of how long to leave them in the fridge though, so tend to put things in the freezer instead in case I dont get round to eating them. If I make a big meal and dont eat it all, i will put it on the worktop, and if I ate early enough, i will finish it off for supper.
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I eat left overs most of the time. DH will eat somethings as left overs. But there are a couple of things that just don't reheat well!
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i do quite often. since my weight loss surgery, i can't eat what restaurants think is a normal portion. today, for example, i got quesadillas - they served 6 pieces, i ate 2, & took the rest home [2 more meals!]. at Sonic the other day, i got a burger, & at 1/2 of it. so i always have leftovers if i've eaten out ... now, when i fix my own stuff, i rarely have them because i only fix as much as i can eat, now.
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I eat left overs most of the time.
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It really depends on what is leftover.. My hubby will eat most of the leftovers. Sometimes I think I make enough for me to take the next day, but hubby and I eat it all!!! LOL When I make chicken, I normally make just enough for that night so I don't have it in the fridge. My hubby cleaned out the fridge last week and threw out some of the stuff that might have come from someone's science experiment! But when we order pizza, well, we eat that. I love cold pizza! We ordered Friday and ate the last 2 pieces today..
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Yeppers i love leftovers
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I don't mind eating leftovers - I hate wasting food. There are some leftover foods I'm not nuts about, but some actully taste better the second time around.

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Yes, I always made enough to have leftovers.
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We eat leftovers but with 2 teenage boys in the house, normally we never have any.
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Definitely! Growing up with not much money and 5 kids (with three boys as teens for awhile) you learn to not let a single bit go to waste
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We always take home leftovers from places, but honestly never seem to eat them.
I am extremely worried about things and how long they can last in the fridge, so if they are there more then 3 days, they get tossed out. I can get ill at the drop of a dime, so food poisoning is a major concern to me. Hubby did eat a cheesecake for a week though, I wouldn't touch it after 3 days. He was fine but also has the stomach of iron.
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