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Weruva Wet Food

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Anyone here feeds Weruva? I am very interested in giving this a try but I noticed that all their flavor are the gravy style. I've read that gravy style wet food is not truly optimum for cat's health so I was just hoping for some input.

I am also unsure if Weruva is for all life stages since I am planning to feed this to my 10 week old kitten. I've checked their website and there is no mention anywhere if the food is suitable for all life stages. I've emailed them and awaiting their reply.

Right now I am feeding a variety including Wellness, Natural Balance, Eagle Pack Holistic, Merrick's and Nutro Complete Care Pouches (also gravy style I noticed but my kitten loves it so would be glad if anyone can let me know if it's ok), Pet Promise, California Natural and Triumph.
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Hmm, interesting...I haven't heard of gravy style being worse for teeth. My kitty likes some of Weruva's fish flavors. The chicken flavors look high quality (real white chicken pieces in sauce) but my boy didn't like them.
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All that you listed are fine ... the pouches are fine
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