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update on rescued camping kitty:(

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I am saddened to report that today as i was getting ralphie neutered his test results for feline leukemia came back positive. I havent cried this much in years... my heart is broken. I have kept him seperated from my other 3 cats because my insides told me to. I am trying to find a home for him or a colony of other +cats but not having much luck.. I am faced with putting him to sleep and cant even imagine that. My head hurts, my heart aches and this doesnt even seem real to me. If you have any thoughts of suggestions Im open. Below is my last post on ralphie...

Kimberly and Ralphie*

Just wanted to share that Ralphie is doing great! He is the most loving animal I have ever been around. His antibiotics are kicking in and his sneezes are almost gone I spoke with Mary Getten and she was able to get some answers from him about his past.... he is truely an angel to us! I dont know if I've ever felt a connection like the one I felt with him instantly.. No leads on the attempts I've made to find his past family but I will continue..

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That is so heartbreaking. I pray you can find a home for him. Cats with feline leukemia can live very long and healthy lives, so the thought of having him put down saddens me tremendously. If you can find someone who simply wants to adopt an indoor cat that would be great. There are lots of articles about helping your positive cat live long and healthy for the person who adopts this sweet kitty.
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Please isolate him and don't give up. I took in a stray and had to isolate him for two months. Then my young son told a young neighbor about him. They walked him on a leash and gave him a wonderful three more years. He was the "child" this young couple had never had. It was an ideal home for our "Bandit." I called him that because he had sneaked in our house (somehow) and was eating our catfood when everyone was asleep. I had decided to neuter him, even if he was "the neighborhood hobo." The vet thought it wise to test him for feline leukemia. I'm glad he did.
p.s. They named him Fred. What a happy result!
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Have you seen this website? I know of several people who have used this website in the past, one to adopt a cat and two to find homes for- if this is going to be to overwhelming for you, perhaps someone from this website will step in and give this cat a home

FeLV Adoptions
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My little heart is breaking for you and your kitty. I followed your story from the beginning and had such high hopes for you two. I will pray and pray that things work out and he lives a long happy life with lots of love and happiness. I'm sure God brought you two together for a reason. ***Hugs***
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