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Help with Eye Problems....PLEASE!

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Hello everyone-

I'm new here, and I really need some good advice! I'll try to be brief, but bear with me.............it's been a troublesome couple of years!

About a year and a half ago my cat (she's about 5) developed an eye infection. It's characteristics include drainage (grayish-green), shutting, and swelling. She suffered through many repeated visits to the vet and many unsuccessful doses of eye ointments, drops, and pills. As you know, getting a cat to cooperate while administering medication is chaotic, to say the least!

The infection seemed to go away or get better and then suddenly spring back up. This went on for about six months. Finally, my vet did a culture and the results showed that she had staphylococcus sp & pseudomonas sp. She was given an ointment. This medication cleared it up.

BUT....about 10 months later, the same symptoms sprang back up. We assumed it was the same thing, so we treated her with the same medication that worked the first time. It didn't work! We tried other ointments and none of them worked. Eventually, my vet threw in the towel and referred me to an ophthalmologist, which would be fine except there are none where I live!

So, we waited to get an appointment with one that was four hours away. By the time the appointment came, her eye looked fine, so I canceled the appointment. Ever since them (about three months ago), her eye will start to look a little puffy, so I'll rinse it with saline solution and by the morning, it's fine. I assumed she had some dormant thing that just flared up once in a while.

The reason I am posting is because today her eye is very swollen (she'll only open it about half way) and it is draining a large amount of green discharge. It is significantly worse than it's been in the past three months. I know that if I go back to the vet they are going to put her through the whole trauma that she has already been through just to end up at the same place.....nowhere!

Can anyone shed some light on this for me? I am really at a loss with her. I don't know what to do at this point. Not only is it awful for her, but it is time consuming and expensive for me! Anything thoughts would be much appreciated.

She quite eating about two weeks ago. We've had to change her food and everything. After the change she started eating for about two days. Now she quit eating again entirely. This eating thing occurred about two weeks before the eye flare up. Could they be related? She's never quit eating before. I figured she was just being finicky.
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NONE of us on here are VETS and even if we were we couldnt really help thru a computer.. but we are here for support and some experience related advise

KEEP her eating .. do you know how to syringe feed??

Has she had bloodwork???

Has the vet ever mentioned herpes??
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The first thing I would do if I were you would be to call that eye specialist where you cancelled your appointment before and tell them the eye is now worse than ever and you'd like to have them see her as soon as possible.

Where you go from there would depend on what they tell you. She does need to see a vet at least but I think the eye specialist for sure.

Also if she hasn't been eating for 2 weeks, she may well be going into liver failure and you'll have to force feed her to get her started eating again.

The very least you have to do right now is call a reliable vet and get your cat in to see them as soon as you possibly can - an emergency vet if you have to.
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You have a bona fide emergency on your hands now. With the actual eye getting "puffy" you likely have an intra ocular infection. Also a chronic infection of this sort can readily become systemic.

Not eating for more than a 24 hour period in a cat ( especially todays typical overweight housecats) is cause for a vet visit ASAP. Liver failure, as Yosemite said, due to hepatic lipidosis sets up quickly in cats and it is a nightmare to treat. Your cat not eating for two weeks is more than worrisome.

I don't want to come off sounding harsh or alarmist, but your kitty needed a vet two weeks ago. You need to get her in today about the lack of eating. Get bloodwork, urine and possibly abdominal films. The vet should call the eye specialist and let them know that you now have an eye EMERGENCY and needs to see you asap as well.

please keep us posted.
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I have no advice on this matter, but did want to say GOOD LUCK!!
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It could be something like viral herpes. (The virus resides within the ocular nerve which can flare up from time to time, thus the reoccuring eye issues.) A secondary bacterial infection can occur while the herpes flares. You really need to see a specialist, like a veterinary opthamologist. If it is herpes, he/she will probably prescribe anti-viral drops like cidofovir or idoxuridine. And typically you will also get antibacterial eye meds to fight off secondary infection, like Terremycin. But from the chronic problems you describe, you should definitely see a specialist. Your cat's eye sight depends on it. Good luck.
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no advice but sending for you and your kitty
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Any more news on this kitty?
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