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Bumps Near Lily's Tail

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I just noticed that Lily has some very itchy bumps near the base of her tail. Upon further inspection, they are reddish bumps, some clustered together, and there are flakes of dry skin there. She has a problem with fleas (they really like her) but she just had an Advantage treatment three weeks ago.

I'll call our vet in the morning but wonder if anybody knows what is going on here? TIA
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Have you had a recent cold and dry spell( yes I know your on a island
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It's been cold (30-40 F) and rainy pretty much all of Autumn. BTW, the last dose of Advantage didn't seem to work very well; she was scratching a day after being treated with it.
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It is possible the advantage didn't work.
It is possible she's having a reaction to something new in the environment.

Those are the only two things I can think of. Have you tried a different flea preventative like Revolution or Frontline?
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I haven't tried Revolution or Frontline, should I ask for one of those? Lily's health is a little delicate with a heart murmur and she had a bad reaction to her vaccination a year ago.

I did a little research and it sounds like maybe Flea Allergy Dermatitis. What do you think?

Thanks, guys.
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I always take mine in for something called a "flea dip"... seems to do the trick! I hope all goes well!
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I don't like flea dips. IMO, they do not work. They kill the fleas on the kitty, but do nothing preventative wise.

I would discuss with your vet about using something else. Either Frontline or Revolution would be good, but I doubt the Advantage works for her.
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I would ask the vet if he/she thinks you should try one of the others...

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My Lil Bit has a flea allergy and Advantage will not work for her, since it only kills the adult fleas. If I use it on her, within two weeks, she's scratching and broken out. I would definitely try the Frontline or Revolution. They seem to work much longer.
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Yeah, I just got some info on flea baths and thats not a good idea apparently! So Im sorry for even saying that! I guess I didn't know!
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Originally Posted by glitch View Post
Yeah, I just got some info on flea baths and thats not a good idea apparently! So Im sorry for even saying that! I guess I didn't know!
Thanks Glitch for checking that out for yourself. I know sometimes I've offered some advice then second-guessed myself on whether it was good advice or not (but then I'm prone to "senior" moments so it's understandable ).
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Thanks everyone for the advice! Our vet has given her Revolution, evidently Frontline isn't available here or our vet doesn't carry it. I put it on Lily last night and she is happier today and less itchy. The bumps, I guess, will take a while to go away.

Glitch, thank you for the well-wishes and well-meant advice. You will see that everyone here puts the health of the kitties first which is one of the great things about this site.
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Yeah for Lily
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Thats what I love about this site is everyone is concerned for the kitties!
Im glad she's not so itchy today and I do hope she gets rid of the bumps soon!! Good for kitty!
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