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Local cat tests positive for rabies

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Hubby just called and told me about this. He was reading the local paper about a cat that whenever it saw someone it got in attack (ya know butt wiggle) and charge people and bite them. Someone got to a phone and call A/C. When they got out there they determined that the cat had to be euthed on the spot. I hate that but no one could get close enough to trap him to get him in to be euthed in a better manner. He attacked anyone who got remotely close to him. Anyways they had it tested for rabies and it came back positive. Now at least 2 people have to get the rabies shots.

I had thought about holding back on their rabies shots a little longer this year but after this I won't chance it. I mean they never go outside but accidents do happen. So I guess I am posting this as a warning because I have never heard of a cat being affected by this. Or much less rabies period in my area.

I will try to find an article.
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Everyone should really get their pets vaccinated for rabies (in many areas it's the law). I work for A/C and we have had to handle several cases with rabies- it can be very dangerous and very deadly- best to be proactive and avoid the chance (accidents defintiely happen) of a beloved pet being infected without being properly vaccinated.
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My mom has indoor/outdoor cats (and dogs) that they have to be like religious with about rabies. A few years ago they had this racoon that for two days wandered around their front yard all day (bad sign!). Then one morning it got into the backyard and her dogs (7) "packed" against it and killed it. One of her cats was a few months behind on rabies so she was afraid to call A/C so they just buried it themselves. Cats and dogs were all OK but it definitly scared them (and all of us they told about it) into keeping rabies UTD.
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