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I have seen a larger group of unmotivated women in my life. They need to get the shelter up, but instead they lay around complaining they don't have shelter! How many of these women were just going to rely on the men to help them out? Talk about weak-minded! No one even knows how to build fish traps? Or just taking that net to the part of the stream where they see all those fish grouped together? These women are going to starve on stupidity.
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One would think that if you knew you were going to be on Survivor, you would doing some reading/training of surviving! They are making no effort! They give women a bad name!
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i agree... kristie does have an attitude problem too, i talked to some deaf people the other night and they said that kristie needs to get her attitude cleaned up because crying every time they go to tribal council isnt always going to work, and I do agree that joanna has an attitude problem - that hand in the face thing is rude, but not just for deaf people. it is a gesture in greece that means 'i throw dirt in your face' - how did it become adapted here?
but the women's group is the most pathetic i have ever seen though.
as for the granola bar...maybe one of the producers put it there to stir up a catfight? to make the show interesting.
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Kristie said she kept working on the shelter, and no one would help her. Since the producers can edit the show any way they want to, we don't really know. She might be right about people treating her unfairly, or she might be going by past experience. I don't like her tribe's attitude, from the little we know, however.

I thought Joanna was really being belligerant, not just rude. Usually, the hand is accompanied by "Talk to the hand," which I assume means you might as well talk to a wall, because I'm not listening.

I agree with the rest of you. What's wrong with these women? They can't build a shelter because someone has to boil water and someone else has to fish....What? Twenty-four hours a day? That's worse than no excuse at all. What I saw was a bunch of women lying around. Come on, women!
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The men may be chauvinists, but at leat they are working! BTW - I really like Dave - the rocket scientist!
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Kellye I had that exact same thought. That perhaps a camera man was filming the contents of the box and the bar slipped out of his pocket and fell in, or it was a plant put there to arouse suspicion. All the women looked horrified when it was discovered, and no one looked guilty.
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I wouldn't be so fast to put Kristie down, the magic of editing by the producers can change everything! I thought she was just trying to be proactive, and everyone else was just lying around complaining.

It's embarrasing watching these women! Hello people?! Shelter, food, water. Get into 3 groups....now go! Not to hard, it's like they have never seen Survivor before!


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Christy is my favourite of the girls tribe. i think she's sweet, mature, intelligent, kind - everything the rest of them seem to be lacking. i can't believe how Joanna treated her, i was enraged ! how rude and angry she was, i thought she was going to punch her, which would have been almost as bad as putting her hand in her face. i was stunned! complete over-reaction, and NO communication skills. how can an older, religious woman act so childish and mean?

my god, it was frustrating to watch !

i was rooting for the women in the beginning, but now, i am feeling incredibly embarrased and i'm floored by their behaviour, and lack of unity & effort.

if i were going to be on Survivor, i would have researched, and trained for what i would be up against. i'd at least know how to build a fire!! and fish!

i mean, what is going on? i wish they didn't edit so much, we don't get to see nearly enough of what really goes on.
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i agree with you blue - but what exactly does that talk to the hand mean? we dont use that in NZ and why do they use it so much here?
Christy is the one I am rooting for, probably because i am deaf myself, but if i was going there, I would research as much as I can because with the amazon, theres gotta be a lot more work to do than in all the other survivor locations!
but then again, put 8 women with pms in a group and what do you get?
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putting your hand in someone's face is basically like saying, "I don't care what you have to say, I've already decided I'm right and you're wrong" -- y'know, along those lines. It's just so rude and immature. The talk to the hand thing is just an ignorant gesture. I would never use it.

I'm just blown away by the behaviour I keep seeing.
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I cant beleive how poorly behaving those women are. They make me embarrased to be a woman. Get a grip on it girls! (it makes for interesting tv though)
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did you see it tonight? the women were much better, but i didnt appreciate the bathing scene - as if we needed to see that!!!!!
It was about time that they elected a leader, it got things in order!
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Yay, they finally got it together! Hey, Kellye, that bathing scene was to get ratings from men. But they left Krista behind again. That's so rude. You would think there was one thoughtful person in the whole group, wouldn't you?
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I can't believe how chauvinistic Rob is. I did giggle at his comment about how Johanna says Jesus is with her tribe "Why would Jesus be with the women, he is a guy, he would be with us" or something along those lines. Roger is really pushy but i am not suprised that Dan got booted. How did the guys not manage to cut open a rope with a machete. It shouldn't have taken that long!
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I really took issue with Heidi saying older women are not as attractive as her and her age group are! Good grief, are they full of themselves or what? And the reason the guys lost again is because they were thinking about other things besides the task at hand. They also should of thrown the fish they ate that night as bait for a larger fish- funny that not one of those men can fish!
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i agree hissy - wait til she gets older and those breast implants cant fight gravity anymore!
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Originally posted by hissy
They also should of thrown the fish they ate that night as bait for a larger fish- funny that not one of those men can fish!
Why are they only fishing on shore?? And why aren't they using their fishing nets??

I'm confused!

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and to think one of the men is a rocket scientist
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Way to go girls! Finaly! But I dident enjoy the boob bathing too much either. Cheep cheep cheep. And what does "rocket scientist" mean any way? I watch a lot of tv, does that make me a "media scientist"? Funny stuff.
I am so for Krista right now. I want her to go far. But i have to remember that i am a media scientist, and my observations are for entertainment purposes only.
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The rocket scientist is cute, but I guess he didn't study rope cutting, and neither did Dan! Gee, I wonder if you get an advanced degree in media science if you have digital cable? What about Tivo? A doctorate? Hey, I'm all for education. Are there any Tivo scholarships I could apply for?
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i just can't stand that Roger fellow, homophobic ill-tempered redneck i really wish he had been the one to go. what are the men thinking? :confused3 well, not that Daniel was much better, but he was kinda cute, and a lot more tolerable than Roger.

and the women! let me just say, i would not want to be on their tribe. i'm not that fond of any of them, aside from Christy... it would be a nightmare.
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can't wait to see who goes tonight, let me just say, i hope it's Roger.
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Thank goodness they switched the tribes! I thought Jean would have a chance with the new tribe, but I guess not!

Christy seems happy and the guys seemed to accept her better than the girls did (but it could be all in the editing also!).

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I am glad Jean left - she just rubbed me the wrong way! I was so proud of the guys response to Kristy! Don't you just love how Shawna perked up when the "cute" guys walked into the camp.
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yeah - did you see the look on that DA womans face when Shawna perked up? LOL
well it was great that the men were a lot better towards christy, so it was great, but i didnt like it when that guy took heidi aside and told her about their plans to get rid of jeanne and christy.
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I am not a fan of Survivor until Christy appeared on it. I only watched it after the FRIENDS as usual. I usually watch it for half hour. I
Anyway, I totally agree with kellye how I dislike that guys told Heide about trying to get rid of either Jean or Christy. Oh please!!
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i think the men just like looking at her boobies LOL
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What sort of bozo bounces tree limbs to break them with a machette in their hands?!! The guy was lucky he didn't lose an eye! I wonder why the two youngest didn't smuggle food back to their camps- were they searched before they left?
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i noticed that with the machete - obviously he has never done outdoors work. so typical.
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