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She did herself in at Tribal Council with her remark about being in the drviers seat. Had she kept quiet, they would of voted off either Jenna or Rob IMO. I don't know if I could play this game if I was there. It seems they have a tough time finding people of integrity. The snake shots were a bit over-played IMO
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Rob, Jenna, and Heidi had decided BEFORE tribal counsel to get rid of Christy so I am not so sure her comment broke her. It might have with Matthew, but not with the other three. Jenna and Heidi were STUPID for trusting Rob again, but they knew he was paranoid of getting the boot and they are paranoid of getting it, as well, so what other choice did they have?

I am GLAD Christy got pissed off and said what she did at the end of her show "I am going to make sure my two step-sisters don't win..." GOOD FOR HER. She did NOT deserve to get the boot.

I do NOT like Jenna. So sorry her mom has cancer, but SHE choose to do the show knowing it so GET OVER IT. Don't play that card. Those two HAVE to go. Ms. Ethiopian and her her centerfold friend.
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I still laugh every time I watch this show. Hello people, it's a game, not a Mr. Rodger's neighborhood sit in! Of course there are devious people, of course there are women who use their sexuality.

It's to win a million dollars, and to outwit people. Sorry, but if I was playing I could care less if I made a friend. What was Jenna and Heidi complaining about when they were talking to Rob?? They said something about not hurting people they love.'ve known these people for a little over a month and you love them? Are you that naive?

Sorry folks, but I think that Rob has it right. It's a game, not a morality competition. Plus, this is hollywood where morality doesn't even have a chance to ever surface.

I'm hoping the twiggy twits don't win.

** snicker **
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Once again the equal opportunity backstabber strikes again! What is it about him the gets people to trust him after everything he has done. I really don't like him but he will probably win - my hubby has been saying that from the 1st episode. They only 2 left I like are Matthew and Butch and now they are scoobered!
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I can't believe the final episode is this weekend!! I think maybe Butch or Matt will be left at the end but who knows. I've haven't had much luck predicting this episodes outcast. Does anyone know where the next survivor will be?
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My hubby is still saying Rob will win it all - they may not like him, but it may be given to him because of how well he played the game. I was not sorry to see Heidi go. They are probably keeping Jenna instead of Heidi, because with Jenna unwell, she will have little chance to win immunity, whereas Heidi would have had a chance to win it.
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I'm not a bit sorry to see Heidi leave. Remember how inept and lazy the girls were when they were a separate tribe? Well, they didn't help their case by sitting and watching the men do all the work. And they were silly enough to believe Rob.

The director made it look as if Butch was going to go because of the fire, so I thought his name would have appeared in the voting, but it was dear Rob and Heidi. Maybe Butch has a chance. I expect Rob to turn against Matthew.
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Rob will turn on matt I think because matt and butch are the only ones who can get more votes in the end. At this point I just dont want rob to win. I dont think a person should be rewarded for being the best backstaber.
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What sort of bonehead stores dry firewood by a fire? And makes a fire break where the wind can blow into it and cause more flames? You would think that if they knew they were going to be on survivor- they would do some reading and research about outdoor survival skills and how to build a fire and maintain it. The girls are both lazy and if that had been me, I would of gone in and done 100% of my share of the work and not worried about helping them because they were going to "vote me off." Heidi not only is lazy but she can't keep her mouth under control. I am still trying to figure out where that final statement of hers at tribal council came from? She had no power at all.
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What Heidi said at the councel suprized me too. I thought What show does she think shes on! he he
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I think Heidi's final statement was to prevent Jenna from being voted off....she knew that as Jenna was sick with tonsilitis, it would lead to her being voted off and when Christy opened her mouth like she did last week, it probably gave Heidi an idea of what to do...JMO
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Don't forget the season finale is THIS Sunday and is for 2 hours, followed by the reunion!
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I just watched the first hour tonight, I was really pulling for Butch to win the immunity. But instead, Jenna won it and Butch was gone. At this point, I don't care who wins. I guess if I had to pick one, I'd want Psycho to win.

What do you guys think?
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How the heck did Jenna win?
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she got immunity both times. THAT is how she did it otherwise she would've been a lost cause. Matt lost that last challenge on purpose.

I thought it to be in poor taste for Christy to yank up her handicap again at the last trible council when they were all asking questions. If you want to be treated equally, then BE EQUAL! She acted like everyone was after her because she is hearing impaired! Let it go already!

Did anyone notice how much weight they all gained on the reunion show? I didn't even recognize Matt! YIKES! ANDDD...did you check out how TIGHT Matt and Jenna were?? What was THAT about??!?!
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I think she scored the most points when she didn't enter into the deal with the devil (Rob) at that last challenge, and she said they should just keep competing and see who wins. I believe that is when she garnered the most votes for her strength.
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What a disappointing end to the show....Once Butch was gone it didn't matter to me who won either. Of all the people that I could have predicted would win, Jenna had to have been at the bottom of the list. She didn't get to the end by good game play or likability, she got lucky. Hardly seems fair.

In general, this season has been a disappointment anyways- its obvious they are picking people for shock value and sex appeal now. I look back at the first three Survivors, and these last two don't even compare. Remember when they actually had hardships? ( eating rats, having to give up shelter for more food when they ran out, etc..)

Wonder where the next one is ? 'Top Secret Location'...hmmmm....lets hope it measures up to the standards of Survivor Australia this time around.
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Jenna was one of the last people I wanted or expected to win. If she won because she wouldn't go along with Rob, that was the first worthy thing she did-besides winning immunity. She was a conceited, self-centered, lazy member, who considered herself too young and beautiful to bother with anyone older, less attractive, or handicapped. She, Heidi, and Shawna snubbed Christy, and then had the nerve to say her beauty was a handicap. If I'd been Christy, I'd have said a lot more! She contributed nothing in the way of work or sociability. I don't think Christy was looking for people to snub her. The difference in treatment of her deafness was obvious when the change in tribes was made. If she had been being overly sensitive, she would have accused everyone of shutting her out, not just a few women. She was a hard worker; Jenna just sat around and watched the others work!

My question is why did the jury vote for Jenna? I expected her to get one vote, Heidi's. I thought the rest would have recognized Matt's hard work and ability. I think it might be the fact that Jenna said he didn't need money. I never knew that was an issue in this game. There have been a couple of doctors playing these reality games. I don't think they were struggling.

Wasn't there an announcement that the next Survivor would be on two islands off of Central America? One tribe per island?
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Ok - that was a sad, sad end to the season! I was hoping the final 2 were Butch and Matt. She kept herself in the game by winning the last 2 immunities. She won over Dave with the answer to his question. Whay did Alex seem so angry/disbelieving about what Matt was saying at the last tribal council - if he raised his eyebrows any further then they would be part of his hair line. What was with Rob being bitter in the end with Matt (just before the last tribal council). I thought that Matt looked amazing at the renunion, as did Jenna, but could Heidi be any more s**t like?

At least we have the Amazing Race to look forward too!
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Next Survivor is in the Pearl Islands.
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i said i will be upset if either Heidi or Jenna wins.

i was really dumbfounded and shocked that Jenna won!! My goodness!?!?!?!?

i just hope the ending was not "fixed"... i wanted Matt to win so much -- he worked so hard throughout the game, whereas Jenna just laid around, warding off flies.

Oh...... i don't like unhappy endings!
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In the beginning, I definitely wanted a woman to win -- I'm all about the girl power! But, I was very disappointed in Heidi and Jenna using their sexuality, even nudity, as a way to advance in the game. I am more disappointed in Heidi because she is a teacher, an educated woman. We all know she didn't have to strip naked for peanut butter and chocolate. After all, didn't all the other survivors jump off the stump for food without having to bear any part of their bodies?! I distinctly remember Matt, Deena, Christy, and the rest jumping off when they were tempted with food. But, I digress.

I just wanted to say that I am disappointed that Jenna won -- and by a landslide at that! Matt certainly had better survival skills, and didn't have to say ugly things about others to make it to the final two. My favorite survivors were Christy, Butch, Matt and Jean.
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I'm really disappointed that Jenna won, but like I posted earlier after Butch left I didn't care too much who won. I was totally flabbergasted that Jenna got 6 votes! Why on Earth would Christy vote FOR one of the Evil Step Sisters? I just don't understand why they would vote her to win when she contributed so little to the game.

The only thing that I was happy to see was Jenna's mom in the audience. It even made me tear up a bit. I do hope that Jenna doesn't go out and blow that million on petty stuff. I'm sure she'll do the right thing and help her Mom out with her cancer treatments & etc.

Do you really think there is going to be another Survivior? The ratings are falling more and more with each series. The shows just aren't a good as the original few series. It's sad to say, but I think Survivor might be over soon.
Just a random thought here...
Don't you think it would AWESOME to have a reunion type Survivor? Take the final 2 or 3 of each show and put them in the middle of nowhere. Let them fight it out! I think that would be the best! Plus..I'd get to see Colby once again!
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I am almost starting to think that somehow the show is rigged. Why did Christie all of a sudden vote for someone that she hated so much??? Jenna did not deserve to win the million dollars; she is a spoiled little brat. the only other reason I think that she won is maybe by sympathy because her mom is so ill.
Plus, it has always been in the news about how the survivors are persuaded to vote a certain way.......
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