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Survivor Amazon

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Finally it is guys against girls, brains against brawn! This could get get interesting. They all look very athletic. There is a rocket scientist, a swim suit model and a deaf woman as part of this season. Check them out at Survivor !

Don't forget this Thursday is the 90 minute premier!
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Hello Ryan....

I think he's the cuties guy!
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I am a huge survior fan. I am looking forward to the new season. It allways seems that the one that i want to win never does. Last season I was so glad the the eldest lady( who is usualy the first off) stayed to the end. This time? If its all physical weight carrying stuff, running fast , a 5 foot high 120 lb. gal is going to be at an disadvatage againt a 6 foot guy. I just hope the challanges are fair.
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I don't know why anyone is going to watch it this season....

Ya'll know the Men are gonna win anyway...

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Thanks for the link Ady!!! And thank you for reminding me that it starts Thursday!!!! I almost forgot!!! I am a HUGE Survivor fan!!!! Can't wait!!!!!!
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I dont normally watch reality shows (with the exception of Joe Millionaire) but since Survivor has a deaf woman in it, I am all out to watch it to support her. It is good publicity for deaf people, we need it.
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Ken- I am one *lady* who will help you at the end of the series to eat your words! I will be printing up your reply, giving it to my cat to shred and present you the results on a silver platter!
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it's on in 2 hours and i can't believe how excited i am !

from the looks of things some of those guys look obnoxious and a bit too macho -
me big man you weak girly

at least there are some cute ones this season.

i'm still torn about the battle of the sexes theme, i guess we'll soon see how that goes
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Where do they find these women??? And how did the oldest lady not know that it would be so physically demanding? Your in the middle of the Amazon lady!!

And you can't start a fire? Isn't that the first skill you need in the course Survivor 101? Even though they won the first challenge, I really hope they do better next time. They don't seem like they are prepared at all.

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What are the women thinking? They still don't have a shelter to sleep in, but their buffs are boiled!
They need to get on the ball and build themselves a place to sleep so the conditions don't get the best of them.
And the guys, wow, they practically have a resort compared to the women.
The women kicked the guys butts in the challenge though. Go girls!

Is anyone else playing Survivor Challenge on the web? Here's the link...it's still not too late to join up.


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Unblieveable how they are treating Christy. I felt so bad for her after dark when she couldn't read lips anymore and just went to bed. Those women did not win the immunity challenge because they were better, they just lucked out because the men weren't balanced.

I see that next week they get soaked to the skin because their shelter isn't built. I am sorry but with all those bugs, the shelter should be the first priority!
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Hissy, its very common for deaf people to be treated like that, believe me, I know. We go through this every day, and its nothing new.
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Figures.... the guy I thought was the "cutie" got voted off first!!!!
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hahahahahaha lizza!
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Well Kellye.

It is a crying shame that people treat the deaf in such a way. Maybe because I sign I reacted the way that I did, but it just seemed like they closed ranks around each other and kept her out. I have no doubt because of their shameful behavior, that they will vote her off first.
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It was like that for me all thru high school - I went to an all girls high school , and this reminds me of that. I was not surprised how one of the girls called her a liability. They should try giving her a chance before they vote her off. To be honest, males are more accepting of deaf people than females are - Ive always gotten on better with males than with females. I dont know why.
How did you learn to sign Hissy?
ASL is very different from NZSL and I get so confused sometimes. For example, the sign for water in NZSL is the ASL sign for sex!
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I work with a deaf woman and I have been trying to learn some signs to aid in our communication. Fortunately, she is very patient with me and everyone here gets along with her very well. I don't understand why the survivors would consider it a liability - if she reads lips then she may be able to see what the other team is saying!
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Good on you ady, bless you for your patience too.
You are right, they could use her to 'spy' on the other team!
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I took two semesters of ASL in college, and my teacher said I was a "natural" at it. I loved the class, there was no talking allowed and until the last day we were all certain our instructor was deaf (but she wasn't) she just wanted us to *feel* how it is for the deaf community. We had to *sign* our term paper- talk about a challenge! I did learn that signing evolves by regions and many people develop shortcuts to other words that way. I too had the same thought as Ady- Christy would be a great weapon to have against the guy team, but you could tell how ignorant the women were when they finally introduced themselves to Christy. All but one- shouted their name at her- like that would help!
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Kellye, I also sign! I have forgotten quite a bit, because I don't use it every day any more. I used to teach in a school for children with special needs. Gee, too bad we can't meet and have you get me back up to snuff. I have other physical problems, Kellye, which don't make me who I am. However, some people equate all handicaps with a lack of intelligence. Well, to heck with them! We know better.

I am a bit embarrassed that the women have not completed their shelter. Of course, I have confidence in our own sex, but they did luck out. At least they didn't brag as much as the guys.

Hey, Kellye, let's go click on Animal Rescue!!
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I agree with you Jeanie. I was watching John Doe a few months ago and what I really liked was the baddie that is part of some sort of secret agency that know who john doe is, the boss person is deaf, you could see him/her signing and what I liked about it was that for once, the deaf person isnt the victim!
Some parents, when their kids are deaf, will often wrap them up in cotton wool and identify them because of their disability. I was very lucky because I was raised to be ME, and I am independent, thanks to mum and dad.
Part of me is miffed that Christy is left out, but another part of me says that she needs to stand up for herself and get herself noticed instead of just staying in the background.
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Originally posted by Kiwideus
I was watching John Doe a few months ago and what I really liked was the baddie that is part of some sort of secret agency that know who john doe is, the boss person is deaf, you could see him/her signing and what I liked about it was that for once, the deaf person isnt the victim!
I just love that show - did you see this past Friday's episode with the nasty deaf man?
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I missed a couple of episodes. I was watching something else, and don't know who got killed last night on John Doe. Help!
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Well, hubby & I both agree that it was mean to put the girl who is deaf on the show ..... Someone I work with though, and I'd have to agree that she will survive quite a while through it though.
I thought it was great when the women won....
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oh yeah, I love John Doe! That deaf man was so awful!
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I really don't care for that Rob guy with the magic 8 ball. What a jerk. I liked the guy, can't remember his name, (was it Dave?) who said they shouldn't lie to the women and was upset that the others had lied about the fish.

As for the women, I like Christy and Heidi the best! I laughed so hard when the women kicked their butts in the challenge after all the comments the men had made about how the women would never win one, and then they lost the very first one!! HA!! Take that, Ken!!! :tounge2:
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Originally posted by Jeanie G.
I missed a couple of episodes. I was watching something else, and don't know who got killed last night on John Doe. Help!
It was his assistant Karen - the artist! It was so so sad!
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yea it was so sad! i liked her!
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I did too. Oh, heck.
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So - who do you think snuck in the granola bar? No one fessed up. I was suprised the women did not vote off Kristie. I don't like the attitude of Joanna the balck woman. I feel it was very rude of her to put her hand up in front of Kristie's face - that effectively blocks Kristie's sight and therefore her ability to read lips.
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