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You know you're addicted to the Cat Site when...

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...your typing skills have increased tenfold.

...your day feels incomplete without the Daily Thread.

...your inbox is flooded with post replies.

...you have seriously considered adding "Alpha Cat" to your driver's license.

You get the idea! Let's hear some more!
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...it's 2 am. Sleep or forums? Well, maybe just a few more threads......
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You haven't been on for 24 hours and you are so sure that you missed something....

you know all the names of the pets of people you have never met...
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Dang it...I am sitting here and I have stuff to do!! THATS how I know. Of course I also know when hubby see's me and asks me why he hasnt seen me in 4 hours. Okay, I am done..I have to get back to work...Of course I will be back
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It's the first thing I check when I log on, and the last thing I check before I shut down for the night!
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when you have over 500 posts
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Here's another: When you sit around pressing "Refresh" on your browser to see if anyone's replied to a post or posted something new!

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:goodbad: When your kids kiss you good night & you don't realize it for 2 hours!
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...you're stressing BIG TIME over your avator!
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i change mine every few hours!!
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When you have to add a because they are just so darn cute.

Your friends from thecatsite, whom you have never met, are now officially Aunts and Uncles to your cats (I tell Socrates and Tiger "Aunt Katie, Aunt Darlene or Aunt Colby say hi").

You check the site before cooking dinner, in the middle of cooking dinner and immediately after dinner to make sure you haven't missed something important.

You have each forum and the main page all saved in your favorites links so it's easier
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Thanks Meowman for the idea of putting the forums I like into my favorite places and not just the main page. It'll be a lot easier then waiting for each one to load!

You gotta Love the smilies
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When your husband gets home and you spend more than an hour updating him on what happens in the life of people neither of you have ever met and who live on the other side of the world
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When you get upset about leaving for a WHOLE 2 days and no catsite!
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:flash: When you delete all your other email without reading it, and save the best for last, all the catsite replies!
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...when all these people you've never met face to face probably know more about what's going on in your heart and in your head than some people you know ( and care more, too)
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I just spent a wonderful afternoon at Wal-Mart, & the pet store buying new toys & goodies for my owners Thanks for all the toy tips at "homemade kitty toys"
I think I love buying the stuff more then they do playing with it
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I kept 4 kids today not including my son and I could not wait till I had some free time so I could come here! I have dropped 90% of what I used to play and do (including all my other chat rooms) to make sure I would have plenty of time to read all the new posts each day! And right now it is 12:30am and I have to be up in 5 hours but I am not done here yet! Go figure! I think I am addicted!
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you know what a blob-o-rama is!

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You have each forum and the main page all saved in your favorites links so it's easier

What a great idea!

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Thanks for all the toy tips at "homemade kitty toys"
What and where is this?
Sounds like fun to me, and maybe my cats too!:tounge2:

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Anyone have more info on this? Would love to find more things to amuse me and my girls!

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When you go to the office and proudly announce that you are no longer a 'kitten'!
(they think I'm nuts anyway)
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Originally posted by debra myers
When you go to the office and proudly announce that you are no longer a 'kitten'!
(they think I'm nuts anyway)

LOL!!!! that was great!!!

i walk around frustrated, talking to myself, "i'm still in the race to 700, i'm still in the race!!!!!"

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I was so......excited when I graduated! I know how you feel!
Actually - that was the highlight of my week!
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No way! Just because I feel guilty for not keeping up with all the threads in The Cat Lounge doesn't mean I'm an addict. Nor does the fact that I got myself a The Cat Site T-shirt and wear it everywhere mean I've a problem. No, not me!


I'm above all that. I'm sorry you other people have an addiction problem, but I'm so not an addict! (Let's see, what emoticons should I use here? Maybe I should stop for now and eat something today. Well, maybe in a little while.)

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LOL, denial is the ultimate confession
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I remember a thread that I saw once, and I don't know where it went, but something today reminded me of it, and it strikes me as funny. although, at 15, most things I find funny are pretty stupid... but anyhow- It was called "how you know you're addicted to the cat site" (or something along those lines). well, today, I was at school (only 3 more days til I'm free!) and I was in computers class. well, I was bored out of my skull, having finished all my work, so I was prowling the internet. well, what better place to be online than here? so, while breaking some dumb rule about no checking messages, only use the internet for educational purposes yada yada yada, I entertained myself for the whole period by catching up on everything I missed in the 24 hours I hadn't been on. my friend thought I was nuts. that's it- I'm addicted!
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Welcome to full membership! So, you're not supposed to look in here during school? It's not "educational"? Get that administrator or professor or teacher, or whomever he or she is, over here now!

Hey, you! Per-fesser! Big Boss Man, Woman, or Undecided! That's right, you with the know-it-all look on your face! Now see here, smarty pants, this web site is as "educational" as any you'll find anywhere on the inter-net! You can tell, because of the calm and reasoned tone in every post! All you'll find here are facts, facts and more facts!

Fact number one: If you give Michelle any guff about being logged on to this web site, I'll personally come over there and throw a pie in your face. And have you ever heard of a "blivet"?

Fact number two: Tell the school board or the board of higher education or whatever body of dorks dreamed up these stupid policies that at this very moment a posse comitatus of feral cats is poised to pour sugar in the fuel tanks of those flee-to-the-suburbs over-priced steel cocoons parked in the six-car garages of those board members' McMansions. They await my signal.

Fact number three: If this "don't look at The Cat Site because it's not 'educational' enough" policy isn't removed by noon tomorrow, I'll stand in front of the school's nearest five-dollar-cup-of-coffee dispensary (the one with all the overstuffed chairs and the Wall Street Journal) in the nude! Not a pretty picture, is it?

Fact number four: But wait! There's more! This is only the beginning! Now I'm a reasonable person, as you can tell. We can avoid all these unpleasantries if you'll simply have the administration donate, say, US$5,000 per month to The Cat Site.

Remember: noon tomorrow, or else!

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