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Hopping on the Greenwagon. . .

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So I have put a recycling plan in place at my work. I work in an office, and to my suprise there is no plan for recycling paper. . . We go through SO much of it in a day its sickening. . . So I have put a plan in place to recycle the paper, and figure out at the end of each month 1. how many pounds of paper we recycled and 2. how many gallons of water that saved, 3. how many tree and 4. The ammount of space it would have taken up in a land fill. . .

Anyone else recycle? If so what?
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I kinda recycle - I use waste paper to tape messages on, since we keep all messages in their case files, and we have to keep the files for at least 7 years.
The other paper goes into the woodburners at home (the stoves are EPA3).
Kudos for starting a recycling effort I think that once your coworkers realize the positive difference they can make, they will be encouraged Please let us know how your project is going.
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Good on ya for starting the reclycing program! It's amazing how much can be recycled if you just get in the habit of doing it.
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Good job!!!

Just be careful that the janitorial staff understands that the recycle bins are for paper recycling.

Years ago I worked at a computer lab that incorporated recycling. I was lucky enough to work graveyard and see the janitorial staff place the paper in the same bins as the trash bins

I confronted them and they said that they needed their direction from the faculty staff rather than a student worker
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Well we recycle all our bottles/cardboard/cans etc at home. We collect the water from the washing machine for the garden, also put buckets in the shower and collect the water in there when we're getting the right temperature. Also when we wash dishes, the cold water goes into a container when we're waiting for it to go hot. Also about a month or two ago i finally stopped using plastic bags if i could avoid it when i go shopping. If it is something wet or cold like ice cream or veges i use a palstic bag, otherwise it goes into my cotton/calico bags. With air conditioning, even if it's a stinking hot day, we wait till the last minute to put it on, before mum gets home so shes nice and cool. They say youre meant to do it in the morning when it's cool, but when you turn it off the house gets hot again. So we close everything up early. When we move we'll also have compost bins and vege gardens for waste reduction/recycling.
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