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Do You Vaccinate Your Cats?

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Almost everyone seems to think that you're a "bad" Meowmy if you don't vaccinate your cats (or dogs), but I personally don't think it's necessary myself, if you don't let them outside - unless you have a "special needs" pet. I used to let my furbabies outside when I lived back home in Wisconsin, and I rarely had them vaccinated - except for the rabies shot - and I never had any problems. I personally have had more problems with vaccinating them, than not. It seems to me that by vaccinating them, you're actually injecting them with the virus that can cause the illness: that just doesn't make much sense to me...

I also never get vaccinated myself, and I rarely ever get sick. But I know plenty of people who do get their vaccinations (such as the yearly flu shot), and they end up getting sick..

I'm just curious: do you or don't you believe in vaccinations??

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In some respects I have to. My apartment complex won't allow my cats to stay there unless they are up to date on rabies.
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Yes, especially since I show them (or rather Charlie)

But I've decided to do the shots on a 2-3 yr basis and not every year.
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I do, because it's the law where I live that they must be vaccinated for rabies. I also have them vaccinated for the distemper virus because Forest was found near our house and he was the product of a momma cat who was exposed to the distemper virus, so I know there's some in the area. My cats never go outside, but there are feral cats in our area and there's always the possibility that they could get outside accidentally at some point.

I would strongly encourage everyone to become familiar with the laws in your area concerning vaccinations. I had a friend a few years ago who never vaccinated her cat because he never went outside. Unfortunately, when she took her cat in for a vet visit because he was sick, her sick and frightened cat badly bit a vet tech. Unfortunately, because of the local laws the cat had to be put down because she couldn't provide documentation of rabies vaccinations.
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Shadow, Vash, Trouble, Cassi and Ivory are on a regular vaccine program.
MIL comes to the house and does them.
This is because MIL works in a cat clinic as well as runs a cat sanctuary, so she comes into contact with icky stuff.

Spaz has not had vaccines since she was 9 and had a vaccine reaction.
I do, however, take her in once a year and have blood titers done.
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We have only had our kitten for 7 weeks. He has received his kitten shots but as far as further vaccinations I'm not sure what I will do. I want to read up some more on it--I'm leaning towards the every 2-3 year vaccination deal. Jack is an indoor only and only cat and will remain that way.

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Zoey got her first series and boosters ... I will discuss any further with her vet... I do happen to live in area that ONLY requires DOGs to have rabies ....
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For everything you ever wanted to know about vaccinating your feline friends, please read the American Association of Feline Practitioners Feline Vaccine Advisory Report:
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Originally Posted by Misskiwi67 View Post
For everything you ever wanted to know about vaccinating your feline friends, please read the American Association of Feline Practitioners Feline Vaccine Advisory Report:
Thank you for the link...lmao I will be reading a while
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Yes. We have to for Rabies, the local vets send your info to the city and you get a ticket if they aren't vax and licensed.

For Rabies I only give the Purevax rabies vaccination, and we do distemper every 3 years. Nabu isn't due for it for 3 years, and will be 13 yrs old then. So not sure if I will rebooster him or not.
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Originally Posted by Misskiwi67 View Post
For everything you ever wanted to know about vaccinating your feline friends, please read the American Association of Feline Practitioners Feline Vaccine Advisory Report:
Yes - thanks for the link! I will also be doing some research..

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I personally don't vaccinate my cats, whatever they come in to my home with is the last they will get. Rabies is required around here, but, well, I don't like my cats to leave my home unless there is a REAL reason too, so I don't take them to the vet unless they are sick, and vax aren't recommended to be given to a sick cat. I have also had a vet tell me that with leukemia cats vaccinations are basically worthless, their immune system is shot, so even a vax might not help them fight something off, and I am absolutely petrified of them having a vaccination reaction

ETA: I use the aafponline manuscript as one of my authorities for FIV/FeLV info too, not light reading, but EXTREMELY informative
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I vaccinate Trout
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Ive never vaccinated my cats, Im just terrified that they'll have a reaction to it. However, I have lived in the same place for almost 20 years and disease isnt really an issue here. I am moving though and trying to get everyone taken care of, unfortunatley they seem to be phasing out the shots and using the nasal stuff and my vet doesnt so single shots!
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I do vaccinate, plan on every 3 years (they're all currently under 1yr old) as I show them and it's required that they be vaccinated.

They've all had the F3, no rabies as we don't have that over here.
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I never used to, but then I took a cat in with Cat Flu, so had to have mine vaccinated before she was allowed anywhere near them. Molly hates vet visits, so I had a chat with the vet, and was allowed to just give her a booster, rather than the full set, she rarely goes out, and it is more a precaution cos I foster in my own home, and they are allowed to mix after a certain space of time (not that Molly allows anyone to go near her mind!!). I wont vacc against FeLV due to the age of mine, and the fact I know they have had outdoor access before coming here, I prefer to rely on their natural immunity.
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I do vaccinate as mine go into a boarding cattery at least once a year so need to have them for that. I only vaccinate against flu and enteritis though. They dont' have the leukaemia one and rabies is not an issue over here.
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I feel kittens should have their vaccinations up to the one year annual. I also vaccinate my show cats. 3 of my cats have not been vaccinated in years. Non of them have ever gotten sick. Now that Veeshan has Granded I will not be vaccinating her anymore either. Michigan does not require rabies for cats, but if it were the law here, my cats would be vaccinated for rabies.
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Ares and Hypnos had kitten vacs which did NOT include FeLV and FIP since they are indoor cats. They have to get rabies shots by law. Not sure what our vaccination schedule will be beyond their first birthday. Will probably discuss with my vet, as he believes in vaccines, but is careful not to over-vaccinate.
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i used to regulary but not anymore. the new kittens just got vaccinated once. especially since most of the vets now use the live vaccines instead of the killed, once is enough. my oldest one died valentine's day '05 of cancer which more than likely was caused by having vaccinated every year
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My kitten has had 2 Feline Rhinotracheitis-Calici-Panleukopenia Vaccine shots.

Killed virus shots... My breeder said to make sure they are never given live virus vaccinations.

Not sure where to go from here though...
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first set and up-to-date while they're young.

rabies boosters every couple years as an adult
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Only rabies and only because it is legally required. Jack is an only cat and an indoor kitty and I'm not concerned that he is going to catch anything from another animal.
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Odo is about 13 years old, and he's done with vaccines. He had at least one round at the shelter (probably more in his younger years before he ended up as a wanderer and was taken to the shelter). I don't feel that vaccinating older indoor kitties is necessary, especially if they've had vaccines earlier in life. They aren't exposed to much, and the risks outweigh the benefits. I don't believe in vaccinating sick cats, and many older cats have declining organ function due to the aging process.

With Zek, I won't do more than once every three years, if we can figure out why his white cell count has been so high. He had some vaccines at the shelter, so he's not due for any. He's only about 2 years old, so I may do additional shots (particularly the upper respiratory vaccines) in a couple of years and then spread them out over time. While both Odo and Zek are indoor only, I may end up taking Zek outside on a harness and leash, so the vaccines may prove useful.
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I vaccinate them. I'm a relatively new kitty owner, so right now I do what the vet suggests in terms of maintaining their health.....thanks for the link, so I can be more informed, and maybe bring up concerns to the vet next time they are due for their shots.
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I make sure my cats are vaccinated for the right diseases. Around here, leukemia, the respiratory disease complexes, rabies and FIV are all endemic and my cats are vaccinated against them. It is VERY important to me that my cats are protected. How often? Not every year. I gave them their first shots and boosters, and then once the following year. I vacc them every three years thereafter. My cats go outside so I am careful to keep them on a schedule.

I lost my older cat to fibrosarcoma. It appeared shortly after a rabies vaccine. My town required me to vaccinate him for it yearly, I am still kicking myself for not trusting my instincts and just paying the fine.
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Originally Posted by saya View Post
first set and up-to-date while they're young.

rabies boosters every couple years as an adult
Our kitties are indoors-only and never boarded or in any contact with other cats.
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