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Wish her luck!

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Tomorrow morning I drop off my furbaby at the vet's for her first grooming appt! I've had her for over 2 years, and never attempted to do anything other than brush and clip the nails (and they did the normal stuff at her yearly appts)... so I'm a little nervous about her going tomorrow. I have to have her rear shaved (or trimmed) because she sometimes gets her p00py stuck on there since she's so furry and her nails cut and a BATH... i dont know how she will do with that, but I hope she doesnt hate it too much or get too scared... I've heard horror stories about dropping off a kitty and something wrong goes on and .... well let's just hope everything goes ok and she comes back healthy and smelling and looking and FEELING better! i'd love some good vibes.... THANKS GUYS!!! (well gals too of course! )
p.s. I'll take some when she's done
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relaxing vibes for kitty and you
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Sending lots of vibes for your kitty!
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ok i'm a little paranoid (maybe because "aunt flo" is in town if you gals know what i mean ) but what are you guys' experiences with grooming? i am having it done at a vet, i guess that's better than just a grooming place or a pet store but i still am just leary... i dont know why. i also have to drop Shiraz off between 8 & 9 in the morning, although i'd like to be able to stay there with her... maybe i will ask. i guess i'm just anxious because it's the first time...
just needed to vent i guess...
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You're already on your way to drop her off. Sending you a few vibes.
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i got her back already ... they said she did great, was a little scared but did a good job... she looks so cute and smells so good... i had nothing to worry about... thanks for the vibes, it helped!!!
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I am glad everything went well extra treats for good kitties
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