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waiting for puke

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So I am sitting here waiting for the cat to vomit.

I had a bucket of bleach water and I left it alone in a closed bathroom. When I came back after just a second, there was Darcy sitting next to the bucket and the bathroom door was open. I called the vet and they said "give her H2O2 to make her puke."

So here I am
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Do you know for sure she drank some of the bleach water?
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How much H2O2 do you give ? Did you ever get the puke?
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I gave about a quarter cup of Hydrogen Peroxide. Although the reaction was supposed to be immediate, it took 20 minutes for her to throw up. I don't know for sure if she drank bleach water, but the vet said to make her vomit anyways.

Apparently she is having some sort of complications. After being listless and puking all night, she is at the vet undergoing some testing. I will update when I know something.
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THANKFULLY she is at the vets .... Hydrogene peroxide is nothing to mess with when it doesnt give a near instant result...

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I thought to make them puke you were suppose to give them salt water???
I dont know, maybe thats just for dogs! GOOD LUCK!!!
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oh no...

keep us updated
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Darcy is back at home

The vet did some bloodwork to check the kidney values (which were all good) and they gave her some fluids and also something to get her digestive system moving in the right direction. The vet said that after she puked the first time, her digestive system just kind of stopped (it also happens in people, not just cats) and so she couldn't keep anything down. She seems to be doing alright after being fed last night and this morning.

Next time one of the cats has to go to the vet, I am taking both of them. Marcie is refusing to accept Darcy. I put vanilla under her nose and rubbed both of the with the same towel, but Marcie is having a hissy fit. I never have this problem when I take both of them to the vet.
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Woot, thats some great news!
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Im so glad Darcy is back! I would just give Marcie some time to get use to the smell of the vet on Darcy! I bet after a little while they will be best of friends again!!
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oh thank goodness for happy endings
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