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LOL... another cute post...

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We've all felt this way before.... just admit it.
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Oh they are very lucky, that kitty can't talk, I think he's be swearing. and yes I am sure that is the face, I had when my Grandmother gave us clothes.
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That is too cute. I had that face the year my cousin (a guy lol) picked out this horrible, ugly yellow sweater for me.
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Thats adorable!!
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That is so cute!!
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omg that poor cat!!!! I felt that way when Colin and i first started dating (before his mom became the evil MIL from hell) Colin's mom gave me a hideous mumu and expected me to wear it i didn't want to be rude so i thanked her for it and then hid it in my closet
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That is way too funny!!!
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That is great!!!
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I almost die laughing! That face is so pathetically adorable!
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Oh my god that face!
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Oh what a wonderful, purfect expression for the holidays! Poor kitty, his owner better sleep with the doors bolted tight.....
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Thank you! I really needed that!
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Awww, Bless him! That's too cute!
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aww very cute!
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