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Some Advice -2 New Cats at One Time

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Hi Everyone,

I would appreciate your input. I currentlly have 3 furbabies (all approx. 1 to 2 yrs.) Have had them since they were very young; got them a few months apart from each other one at at time. (They are all very spoiled)

I just adopted 2 cats (approx 2yrs.old in age) from foster home. My cats are all indoor only cats and the two new ones will be also. I am getting them Sat. Foster mother said she has put the two new ones together and has segregated them from her others. My question is.....I slowly integrated the previous cats to the household and it only took a couple hours. Should I try to let both cats out at the same time when it appears that it's time.

Previously I would put the new cat behind a closed bathroom door for a while to let the new and old sniff until they got used to each other. I'm not sure if when the time comes to release them into the house I should let them both go at the same time. I'm not too worried about the new babies scaring my cats, I just don't know how mine will react to the new ones. Not that any of the 3 have an aggressive bone in their bodies. We have never had any agression problems with any of our babies. I would really love any input from anyone who has done this before and anyone else who would care to voice their opinion. Thank you, Donna Sorry this is so long
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Here is a useful article for you and a useful post I just made to another thread.

I'd give the separation at LEAST a few days - if not a few weeks. Depends upon how all the kitties react. (In a situation like this, I don't know if the screen door idea is necessary - but slow introductions are almost always best).



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Depends on the cats. Farley and Ana came together, I put them both in with Demetri right away. It worked well for us, they got along right from the start.
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