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Do anyone else's cats feel the need to "help" with whatever you're doing? My Oliver kept bugging me while I was wrapping Christmas presents last night, and when I got up this morning, I saw him gnawing on ribbons (no, he didn't actually eat any, just left fang marks). When I read, one or both plants himself between my face and the book. When I'm doing paperwork or bills, they sit on the paper. When I cook, they're underfoot. When I'm taking a bath, Oliver tries to drink the water. I want to learn to crochet, but every time I try, they chase or bite the yarn.

Anyone else have feline "helpers"?
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Oh yes, I aways have at least two or three kitties "helping" at any given time!
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As former gods, they feel they must help us inferior humans do the task right!

Honestly, I think it's because they love us and want to be involved in anything we are doing. and of course if we are busy, then it's a perfect time to make sure to get some attention!
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I never do anything alone.
Gracie has to help with everything
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I tell Zane he makes a better supervisor than he does an assistant.
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Well, Frankie is only interested in helping when were in the kitchen. I suspect it's because she think she'll get fed if she bugs us enough. Wickett is my potty helper. Anytime I go into the bathroom he is hot on my heels... particularly first thing in the morning and right after I get home. He'll then proceed to meow at me and demand I pet him while I'm sitting! Ya know, captive audience and all.
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I had so much help making dinner the other day, that I ended up dumping hot corn on my foot Lucky mommy doesn't need help
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Yeah, Popsie like to help me sweep the kitchen floor. Help me read my book or do crossword puzzles. (He always has to be on my lap while I'm reading) Um, he helped me make out Christmas cards. He helps me make something to eat. Oh, he helps me go to the bathroom. The list could go on and on.
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I've gotten used to crocheting with slightly chewed yarn
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Yes Cloe loves to help and Tavia loves to when I am on my computer, well before I had to start using the library, and when I am reading. And if Cloe can't help meowmy she finds her daddy and helps him.
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I have help with Everything from my girls. Darcy is the most help. She is helping to hold my arm down while I am typing right now. She also helps with folding laundry and making the bed (usually by laying down on the shirts or the sheets or whatever), Both girls help me when I go to the bathroom (Marcie is the flushing supervisor. She loves to see the toilet flush...TMI...I know), Marcie also helps whenever I get anything out of the fridge. I used to get a lot more done without all this help
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Butzie helps me use the TV remote.
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Haha I think they just like to help us with whatever we are doing! I have a "potty supervisor" also! When I make the beds, they lay on the sheets while Im trying to pull them across and tuck them in and Ive actually mastered the art of making the bed with them on there! Eek seems to think he needs to help on the computer and if Im eating, he LOVES to help with that!! He's a stinker! BooBoo also likes to make sure that I know when things need to be done! Mom, time to give me more water in the sink! They're a hoot though! You gotta love em!
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