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Tuesday DT

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Hey all!
How is everybody?
As for me, I am just fine, laundry day, hip hip hooray.
Today is the 20 year anniversary of my nana's death, she died on Feb 11th, 1983. I was her little girl and we had a special relationship. She is still alive in my heart and always will be.
I am so mad after watching Joe Millionaire and not getting the results I so wanted. Argh!!!!

Hope everyone has a wonderful day.
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Hey Kellye!

Keep your nana right where she is, that is where she belongs

I'm fine also! laundry for me to do though

Gosh, darn it! I have a ton of work to do this morning so it's a quick 'hello' to all and then I have to tackle my Accounts Payables!

Hope you all have a great day!

Hi ho! Hi ho! It's off to work I go!!!!:tounge2:
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Go get those A/P Ghys!

Kellye -

I've got lots of soup for Gary, and have been pumping him full of hot green tea. I've got the phones unplugged, but he doesn't know it! HA HA HA HA HA He'll notice soon enough, but in the meantime, a bit more peace and quiet for the nut.

It snowed yesterday and last night - and then got cold again. WILL IT NEVER END? This Winter started in October, for Gosh sakes!

Hope you all are warm and healthy!

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This day is getting crazier!
I have been cleaning up, dust building up everywhere, and Kahu decided that he will play everywhere I go, and hes getting in the way. LOL And then the washing machine decided to try and walk away. I think I overloaded it. Oops. When I moved the couch to straighten up the cover, I bumped the old oil burner and it broke. Just as well we bought it from goodwill for $1. Wonder whats next? Its just not my day! LOL
At least, I can laugh about it and thats better than crying about it.
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Its Raining!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The first "storm" of the year!!!!

I had to had to wear closed toe'd shoes today!!!!
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Lizza - I hadn't seen the new sig till now.

...and you poor, poor thing. I'm SO sorry to hear about the shoes. YOU POOR THING. (not) Wanna come help me shovel snow?
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Kellye - given the way today's going for you, just make sure you don't accidentally toss Kahu out with the trash!
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Originally posted by LDG
YOU POOR THING. (not) Wanna come help me shovel snow?
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Originally posted by LDG
Kellye - given the way today's going for you, just make sure you don't accidentally toss Kahu out with the trash!
And I have to make sure I dont put him in the dryer!
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Anyone miss me? I've been very busy at work. No sneakin on Monday to post when you have paper work due! It's snowing and it won't stop. It was 12 degrees this morning when I went out to my car. I've decided to go on a diet. I had an horrible dream that I went shopping and everything I loved was too small and they didn't have a bigger size!
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ooooo - that IS a bad dream! It stopped snowing here sometime early this morning. And yes, quite frankly, I missed you! I just thought it was me that wasn't around!

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nenners - of course we missed you!

And open toed shoes in the WINTER?! Yikes! That would be painful in the midwest!!

I found out this morning that I get to take Weds and Thurs off work so we can go to the Chicagoland area. YAY! That means I get to go to IKEA! Most of their stuff looks put of place in my house, but it's so much fun to wander around.

Kellye - hope your day gets better!
And hope veryone else is having a good day, too!
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Today's going pretty good.

The morning started out with a courier calling me saying they had a package for me. It ended up being the optical mouse and keyboard that I won from a contest! I love winning!

Nakita has become quite the gymnastic talent around here. She is now using her scratching post as a sort of parallel bar and is doing front flips off it! It's quite the site!

Also, Toronto has officially stated that this has been the coldest winter in the last 9 years. They expected a low last night of -30!! Ick!!

"Its Raining!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The first "storm" of the year!!!! I had to had to wear closed toe'd shoes today!!!!"

Lhezzza, if I had a car I'd drive by and get your shoes wet! Stop complaining Missy!!!!! Only people in cold weather climates are allowed to complain!!

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Very busy this week (as you can see by lesser amounts of posts) I am training someone who has just returned from maternity leave so I am away from my computer most of the day. I have her doing some work right now so I am sneaking some time here! I am looking forward to American Idol tonight. Can't wait to see what Simon says next.
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Originally posted by Russian Blue
Lhezzza, if I had a car I'd drive by and get your shoes wet! Stop complaining Missy!!!!! Only people in cold weather climates are allowed to complain!!
Wet my shoes.... HA! You Wish!!!

I'm allowed to complain...... It rarely rains!!!

(just wish it would go away!!)
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Originally posted by Lhezzza

Wet my shoes.... HA! You Wish!!!

A wish can come true, it can happen to you, if your y-o-u-n-g at heart....

Watch out Disney girl!

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Not much, here. We're cloudy and 66. Supposed to get rain, tomorrow.

Poor Bill is still running his butt off. (He doesn't have much to lose). Thought he was going to have to go to Phoenix, today but, he hasn't called so I guess not.

Smoked sausage, cooked in beer, with mac & cheese, tonight.
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I think I have finished the housework, so much bloody dust.
Kahu has taken to using my bum as a scratching post. That hurts! LOL
I started to burn some candles, but I figured since I am having such a bad day, I better blow them out.
Now, I am at a loss on what to do.
Does having the blinds/curtains open cause more dust or is it better to have them open? Jake wants the curtains closed but I love the sunlight coming in, I hate the dark.
I think I will sit on the couch, read a book and not move, I dont want anything else to happen today!
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Cindy - I'm not sure what you're new title refers to, but it made me laugh!!!!

Another good title just popped into my head. It works if you're the one who cleans the litterbox: Pooper Scooper! LOL!
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Laurie, thats funny you should say that, I was thinking today, dang, I am the pooper scooper in this household!
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Kellye, I don't think open blinds cause more dust. It's just that when the blinds are open, you can see the dust flying around more. I need my curtains/blinds open during the day. Let the sun in!!!!!
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Hometime in 15 minutes! Woooooooohooooooooo!

American Idol and Smallville night! Woooooohoooo!

2 more sleeps until Survivor Amazon! Woooooohooooooo!

45 mor minutes to kitty cuddle time! Wooooooohooooooooo!

Ok - I think I am done now! Woooohooooooo for Youuuuuuuu!
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The new title is because Rowdy falls at my feet, while I'm dishing up her food.
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Hi everyone. Well, after today only 3 days left till I leave my job! You guys don't mind if I do a little countdown do you?!

So how many of you stay at home, or work from home? Seems a lot of you. I think I'm going to LOVE being at home more (I'll be working 2 days a week still). Pepper and Bella will certainly like it I'm sure.
Though I wonder if I will get bored? I guess I can rely on TCS to keep me entertained if that should happen!

Sorry about the rain down south in CA, up here it's just fine. A bit chilly, but clear as can be in the city by the bay!

Going to watch American Idol tonight, and try and find a restaurant to have dinner at for V-day on Friday.
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Ady - I love smallville too, that Tom Welling aka Clark Kent is a hunk! *drool* but I like John Schneider better - hes always been the object of my affection since Dukes of Hazzard.
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I can't wait to get out of here and get home! I think I'm trying that Tarragon chicken recipe someone posted on the recipe thread for dinner tonight!

Here's to a better evening than the day was!
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All right, everyone, let's go get her. Be sure to wear long boots, though. I don't know if we can tolerate that terrible weather. Gee, I hope they salted the roads to the airport.....
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