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Kitten became 'kittens' ! (image heavy)

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So long since i posted here, but now that my own kitten, Cocoa (who turned 4 months old on Friday gone) is nice and settled I have some time to show her off.

Of course, getting Cocoa became a bit or an ordeal since we suddenly ended up with 3 kittens, not just Cocoa. A friend of ours who was in Edinburgh for work asked us to find him a kitten, then with the announcement of his engagement to his partner he asked for two, one for himself and the second as a gift to his partner. So, we had Cocoa and the new additions of Princess and Smokey from another litter.

I went from being a never before cat owner to the mother of three kittens! And despite the little mishaps (mostly in the toilet department) and the claw marks from over excited kittens playing I have loved every minute of it. Princess and Smokey have went on to their new home now though, after being with us for a month and now Cocoa is back to owning the house and making herself very comfortable as the boss cat.

All three are girls and Moggies. Cocoa has come from a Birman mummy and Ginger Tom daddy while I only know Princess and Smokiy's mum, who was an all black short hair. The sisters are almost identical in markings apart from one back leg and a thin stripe down Smokey's nose.

Here some pictures to share

From left to right (if you can see them) Cocoa, Smokey and Princess

Princess on the left and Smokey on the right

Thanks to this naughty bunch I had to move this fabric chest of drawers from the bedroom. They were battling and playing on it all night long...

This is my favourite image of the girls all together. At the top is Smokey and bottom left to right is Princess and Cocoa

And finally, my little baby, now 4 months old and not wanting to share the pillow on the bed.

I miss the other two girls so much, but I still have Cocoa who is getting so active now she makes up for the missing two kittens
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Awww, they are all adorable!!
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They're all adorable! You know you could still add though so Cocoa isn't lonely!
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They're all beautiful.
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Awww they are cute. Remind me of Ling and her brothers/sisters when they were that age
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They are all sooo adorable!!

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OMG, they are everywhere!
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They are so precious!

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