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Is it normal?

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I have been observing Kahu - most of you will have seen him over at the lounge.
Anyway, after observing him, I wondered something, he is now 6 months old, and he cannot jump very high, for example, he cannot jump as high as the computer desk, or the kitchen counter (thankfully) and his legs are a little shorter than I have seen on other cats his age, and I was wondering is it normal for him to be unable to jump that high? When I adopted Romeo, he was 6 months old and he could get into everything. I am just a little confused.
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I would say that this is normal, and it could very well be that his legs are shorter than normal. Kitties grow and develope at different rates, so I wouldn't think this is anything to worry about. It's possible that he may never jump very high. We have a kitty now who is a bit older than yours and still can't jump on the counter, although we think it's because she just hasn't figured it out yet.
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Kellye it really is perfectly normal, and Kahu's legs and body will soon catch up to him and you will wish he couldn't jump then!
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You sure he's not a munckin cat?!

Munchkins! hee hee
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I love munchkins, but his legs arent that short LOL

They are soooo darn cute!
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I want a la purm scottsh fold or american curl Munchkin!
I saw a pix of one of those before, that was what I was trying to show you, but I couldn't find it! *doh!*
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AngelZoo, If it's a La Perm or Curl mixed with a Munchkin, then it's not a Munchkin only a mix. A pure breed Munchkin is only crossed with another Munchkin or a Domestic cat.
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LaPerm/Am Curl/Scottish Fold munchkins are considered to be experimental breeds.

Personally I don't think that they have been bred enough to find out if they have any genetic problems. I also think that breeding a munchkin with any other breed other than a domestic or munchkin is wrong (to many fatal genes popping up).
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