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Daily Thread Wed Dec 19!

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Well good morning!

It is actually going to be above 0 degrees today...weekend will be 6 degrees over! I can hardly wait! My mom is coming this weekend too

Not much up today, I think I will try a pilates class at my gym..I am feeling adventurous again. The last class was hilarious, me and my friend were falling all over eachother

ANYHOO, you guys have a good one...

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My day has been kinda crazy... It's my birthday and it's been very up and down. It started off with a doctor's appointment and getting blood drawn to check if I have a virus. Then we did property inspections and sorted out our tax returns (which was ok, it's nice just to spend time with DH). After that we had a lovely dinner with my mum, then we got back to DH's parents place and discovered that the photos had arrived of our little Joshua that were taken after he'd been first delivered. Needless to say it was pretty heartbreaking and a sad end to the day.

I'm very ready for bed now though. I was exhausted yesterday so was in bed by 8:30pm, and so woke at 4:30am, and then just tried to snooze until 7!

Goodnight all
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY SARAH!!! I hope that your sleep is relaxing and peaceful tonight...sorry your day was a little rough
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It's countdown to our works christmas party, so we finish at lunchtime on friday for 2 weeks!!

I want a new landline tonight so i'm off downtown to pick it up
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Happy Birthday Sara !!

My vacation starts today and runs through January 2nd. That means that I'll probably only work about an hour a day during that time. I have a long list of chores to do at home that includes cleaning out closets, filing cabinets, the desk, etc.
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Morning all!

Off to a bit of a slow start this morning. Snowing once again but not very cold. Haven't been out to see how much clean-up I have to do but will go shortly.

Only going into work for a couple hours this afternoon so am in no rush.

Have a bit of shopping to do so also.

Everyone have a good one
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Good morning TCS´rs

A bit of our tropical sun! to all who are near at the ZERO grades! cold!.....
Today pay my bonus from Christmas! so is time to make another bit shoppings!.....
And happy birthday Sarah!
Have a nice day to all of you!
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Happy Birthday SARA!

It's all quiet here at home today. Tomorrow Mom has her appointment with the surgeon for her back & Friday the new front doors come in.

We still have to shop for two more people sometime this weekend.

Have fun at your class Nat. I hope you can walk afterwards.

Have a good one everyone.
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