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Originally Posted by KitEKats4Eva! View Post
I am truly surprised at all the compartmentalising and tarring with the same brush people here are giving teenagers. Sure, there are plenty who are selfish and spoiled and have a sense of entitlement, and I used to lump them all in the same boat too. But that's unkind and unfair. Everybody is different, and there are plenty of decent, respectful, hardworking and responsible teenagers out there. Just as there are plenty of irresponsible, selfish and spoiled adults out there, too.
Agreed. Just because a girl becomes pregnant (which she doesn't do all by herself) doesn't mean she isn't also "decent, respectful, hardworking and responsible".

IMO, if the only teenagers a person knows are spoiled brats, it may be time for that person to broaden their horizons a bit.
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Judging by the behavior of the people who flock here for football games, you get ruder, more irresponsible, more obnoxious, and more inconsiderate with every passing year.

Somehow, I haven't decided that everyone over the age of 25 is a jerk, and I don't think it's fair to do so for people younger than you.
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Oh I think its OK to want to give your Kids all you never had but they need to appreciate it and be responsible, I think there is a difference in a brat and a spoiled brat they can all be brats as long as they remember where there headed and stay headed in the right direction, and that they know how to do that and that is where the parents need to be playing a bigger part.
There certainly are lots of great teenagers

Sex is pretty common in teens also, I don't condone handing them birth control but its would be a better choice then seeing them bring a baby into the world then decide they didn't want to be a parent, Plus there's to many means of birth control and the education that goes along with having sex, it in my eyes is uncalled for today.

I honestly would not want to have a teenager today I am so glad I'm done
Its a tough job and its going to be harder for them if they don't understand how hard it is to make it, its a shame that all the people that are popular and famous can't understand how lucky they are and give back in better ways then being on the news once a week in a negative way, you have to feel bad sometimes because they just don't get it, and it must be hard to have so much so young and not be able to deal with it all.
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I just saw something this weekend that reminded me of this thread. It was in the comic section of our local newspaper and showed a mom under duress with her kids. The final caption was "I thought I knew a lot about raising children, then I became a mother". That really says a lot and those of us who have had children can certainly relate.
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Well if she is preggo than here show "Zoey 101" should
be taken off the air because she's not a very good
role model for young girls,girls like my daughter
Emily who looks up to her and loves her show.
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I believe the "Goodbye Zoey" movie special that just came on the other day was the last episode for a while, until she's given birth, or whatever she's going to do...

A friend on Myspace sent me this link to a Myspace video about Lynn Spears, the mother. Here it is, if anyone wants a bit of a laugh...

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