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I know this was a previous thread, but i am experiencing the same problems with Gracie. She will bite hands and arms it seems, but it doesn't seem aggressive, only playful. I read on a site to try crying really loud when they bite, and it works, she'll stop in her tracks and look at me like "i'm sorry!" but i feel ridiculous fake crying at the top of my lungs, i have neighbors! I'm really frustrated, i don't know how to teach her that this is unacceptable play! Gracie is about 7 months old, and has been doing this for a while, any suggestions??
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Give this link a try. You can also do a search on the site for biting, and all our past discussions will come up.

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Silas does the same thing. He will only bite when he's playing. And he bites HARD! He is 8 mo. right now, and I've noticed that as he has gotten older, the biting has decreased (along with the amount of time he runs around like a psycho). It seems he is getting cuddlier and cuddlier every week. Sometimes tho, he will get really riled up and bite too hard, and when I put him down he jumps up and grabs my arm. I put him in the bathroom for about 3 minutes with the light off. When I open the door he is very calm and wants to rub all over me as if to say "sorry mom!".
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