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I went onto the Purina Friskies site and they had a chart, to tell what shape your cat was in. Out of the 3 pictures, Charlie was the third. His belly does hang down, but it's loose skin. I'm a bit confused. He actually lost weight when we moved, and i think when he went through the transition without Jazzy, so he's got the 'spay sway' but without any actual fat that i can feel. For eg. there was a house cat at work who was nicknamed 'speedbump' and he felt at least twice the weight of Charlie, and was completely solid and round.

Chuckie isn't like that, when i pick him up i can feel his ribs when i support him, he doesn't have padding, but going by the chart, it says i should take him to the vet. None of our vets have ever commented on his weight.

I'm so confused!!
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could he have a "spay " sawy???
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I've never worried about it before, i think it's just developed as he got older. He's lying on the bed on his side, andi can run my fingers over his side firmly, i can feel the ribs under his fur, i can feel the chest and stomach wall, when i get halfway down his belly it's just a handful of skin, fur is a bit thinner there so i can see more pink and some of his nipples hanging down too. When he stretches out into that half moon shape there's no belly at all. For an indoor kitty he gets more active in the house than in the enclosure, he runs up and down the hallway and flips under the couch, and plays with his toys

I don't know, i suppose i don't want people to think i'm over feeding my baby.

I worry too much
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Well I will say the VET is best at this but sounds like a male spay sway ....
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As long as he doesn't feel fatty, he's probably fine. The spay sway is normal for cats that get regular meals, and you also mentioned he lost some weight with the move. Whenever a person loses a substantial amount of weight (a 1/2 lb -1lb would be a lot for a cat) they sometimes have a little loose skin in areas. Likely the same for your cat.

Sho's a bit saggy too but he has lost some weight around his stomach.
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If you can feel his ribs, he's probably fine. My two both have big rolls of skin hanging off their tummies, but the vet insists that they are not overweight because they have a defined waist and he can feel ribs.

In fact, I think he has that same Purina chart on the wall
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Thats what BooBoo has too! I think things just go south on kitties too... LOL
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