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Leeloo loves playing under the covers

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Leeloo always goes nuts when I put new sheets on the bed. making the bed is like her Disneyland or something. so I was changing the sheets, and usually I have to race and try to get all the sheets, blankets and comforter on before she notices or before she can get too tangled up in them, but today she was right on top of it so I got the fitted sheet on and sort of got the top sheet but that was it. so I give up and go to the kitchen and when I come back this is what I find:

so crazy haha. and yes the tiny white spots on the sheets are holes she has made in her previous adventures in attacking the sheets while I make the bed. I gave up on buying new ones.

and yes that is one-eyed Ziggy in the background.
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Abby loves to help me make the bed too!

I think there is a law that says all kitties have to help make the bed!
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Cute pictures!

Tomas occasionally does that, but he just thinks he's hiding. He loves to crawl under things and make "brr...brrr...brrrr?" noises at us.
Sho will pull the blankets off the end of the bed and play what I call "blanket monster" under them. Anything that walks by and brushes the blanket gets attacked through it, he will also play that way with just his head covered. It's usually rough play, biting and clawing. Outside of the blankets Sho is very timid at playing with DH and I and would never attempt to bite or claw. Odd cat, maybe he thinks that we don't know it's him?
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Very cute pictures! I always have lots of helpers when I make the bed!
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Change the sheets! I hire someone for that but please let's get on with this post and not the change the sheet thing.
Butzie loves to get under the covers with me 1x per night because I am under the covers. Then she realizes that I can't pet her if my hands are under the covers. She comes out of the covers and wants me to give her affection. Of course, she gets lots of loving then.
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