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F1 Chausie in need of rescue in Northern California  

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I have a 6 month old F1 Chausie kitten that needs a home. I took him from a family that didn't want him, figuring that I can help this kitty out. We have 4 cats and 3 with wild blood. The Bengal is almost 2 years of age and is not getting along with the kitty. He is tough to love because he is so skittish, but he's a good kitty and will crawl up to you at night in your bed. It would take him a few weeks to warm up to you though. He is the most beautiful kitty around with tiger stripes. The Bengal is just not getting along with him so unfortunately he must go as he and the bengal are getting worse. I have a picture here of the kitty. I am in Campbell California and he would be free. He is indoors only and will only go to a indoor only home. He is up to date on his shots and is already fixed with no health problems at all.. If anyone here can help, please e-mail me at
His name is Kirby and is also half Bengal. He is heavy at 11 pounds at this age, and should grow to 18 to 20 pounds. This is a BIG BOY. He needs a loving home and to have another kitty around to play with, but Agro the Bengal just goes nuts around him at times and it's very unhealthy. He has perfect littlebox habbits and only eats top grade foods.


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Here is his picture
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He is a half bengal had Jungle cat?
As far as I know, a chaussie is a half domestic, half jungle cat.
I would *hope* that the breeder would take him back since he isn't getting along with your other cats.

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Hi Bendy. The breeder would not take the kitten back from the orginal couple that had bought him, so they were stuck.He get's along with all the cats but one doesn't get along with him. He is really a good cat kitty as he plays with the cats all the time and is very good to them. On the Yahoo Chausie forums I have sent word about the breeder and his poor breeding as it's not just this but what he does or doesnt do to help raise the kittens. Anyways I hate to part with Kirby here but I feel it's best for both cats.

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This is so sad. I hate to see a cat re-homed, and I know you do too. He's beautiful; I hope you find the right home.
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I would like to try and keep him, if only my Bengal would not flip out at night. Agro the Bengal went to the vet the other day to have a check up and they said that we need to separate them at night. Only problem is that the cats all of them, like to sleep on our bed at night. I don't want to lose that as it's cool to have the 3 wild cats on our bed, and the fact that I have made so much progress with Kirby that I don't want to give him up. I did rescue him, and I hate it when people give up cats because they move or lose interest and stuff like that. Id like to try and give him a good home here but it seems that I can't unless I can calm Agro down at night.. Any suggestions?

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Mike, I would post that question in the Behavior forum. His heritage might require an exotic specialist's advice. However, it's worth a try! I don't believe I have met you before, so welcome to TCS!
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Thank you Jeanie.. I will do just that..

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I understand the problems you have to face with this one, and I don't envy you in the least! I do think there may be some kind of help in the Behavior Forum.

The concern I have is this.... You have a F1 Chausie, with one parent being a Bengal. That would lead me to believe that your cat is the offspring of a Bengal & a jungle Cat, thereby giving its F1 status, which, for those that don't know, gives the Offspring of the 2 50% Bengal & 50% Jungle. Ideal breedings are supposed to be to a domestic Cat.

Except in this case, we don't know Level of domestication of the parent bengal. I don't doubt that you have worked alot with this little one, which is to be commended, I personally would be hesitant to rehome this one.

Here's my reasoning behind it...

Since we don't know the domestication level of the parent Bengal, it could be that this bright little cat could be very hard to deal with once it gets older (and bigger.

Even under the BEST circumstances, F3 Chausies are a hard breed to deal with if one isn't informed on the breed, even at that, they can be a handfull. This is typical of the breed, again, under the perfect breeding circumstances. By typical I mean that a F3 Chausie is placed VERY young, and raised in an environment that it will be further domesticated.

If my understanding is correct on the geneology, given that this kitten has now had 3 different homes as an F1, I can't see that a 4th would be the best thing to do.

As I said, I do understand your position, and I hope that you will be able to resolve the situation and the Chausie will remain with you. You seem to be someone who would know how to raise it, and give a great home to it...
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I'm trying real hard. His dad was a Jungle cat and his mom was an F3 Bengal that much I do know. My other Chausie is a F1 Chausie as well but he's VERY special. He does things no other cat that I have ever heard of does with regularity. The kitten Chausie just for some reason is not liked very much by Agro and only at night. They cuddle otherwise though out the day.

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I did not see a picture of this cat on the site, but I would be willing to ship him to San Diego. I know that is a bit scary because of all the scams, but I could send you a US postal money order so that you could ship him. Tell me what you think I will be happy to give you a phone number as well

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Hi Zak, I am mazspeed. And we ended up keeping the kitty in question (Kirby) and still have him and the rest of them to this day and they are all doing very well. This post was in 03. He is in fact Agro's best friend now.

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Hi zak39 wavey.gif

It's admirable that you're willing to adopt such an animal like that, but unfortunately this thread is from 2003 and the owner has likely moved on.

Welcome to TCS, and please feel free to hang around and introduce yourself. biggrin.gif
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I just got a message about him (zak) wanting my cat Kirby just a bit ago on e-mail though here. I just found my old password here. As I said Kirby lives with us, and he hates my wife and I bigtime, but he loves the rest of the cats, so he is their pet pretty much. He is Agro's best friend, so we just stay out of his way.

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Oh! I'm so glad to hear that it reached a workable conclusion, if not an ideal one. clap.gif
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Since this has been resolved, I will close this thread. smile.gif
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