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Toy review ;)

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Daphne just loves this toy. She tosses it in the air, chases it and has almost replaced her paper balls with it for playing fetch

Hope these photos do her justice. Excuse the messiness

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She's gorgeous! She looks a lot like my little foster kitten Jezabel!

I think the new toy is a big hit
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cute pics!

Chloe would love that toy.
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I think she's telling you that her calling is to be a professional kitty toy tester...you'd better get on it, she needs more stuff to test
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Great pictures! I saw that toy at the store and was thinking about getting it, good to know that we have Daphne's approval!
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Yes! My bunch love these things. I get them at Wal-Mart, and keep a supply of them on hand. They slap them around, fling them in the air, they even play tug of war with them. It take them about a week to tear the feathers off.
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aww how cute! Our cats really like those things too!
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PJ & Punky LOVE those toys!
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Hmmm, I may have to pick up some and see how my crew likes them!!
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