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Seeking farm for ferals

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Anyone near NE Ohio have a farm where they wouldn't mind some altered feral cats? My neighbor rounded up some she has been feeding and lured them into her breezeway storage room where she has been feeding them. There is a momma and her first two babies who are about 5 months and her second litter of 4 who are about 10/12 weeks old. They are able to be pinned down and scruffed for vaccines and sexing them (they are ALL females) but they are very scared and unhandleable and won't hesitate to scratch or bite. It will take time to get them all altered as it costs $45 but I will need some place to take them. She may keep the older momma cat but those babies need someplace to go eventually.
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How many farms are there in your area? Personally I had no luck whatsoever in finding barn homes for the ferals in my neighborhood (I'm in Virginia). I've decided it's an "urban legend" (or should that be a "rural legend"?) that it's possible to find such places.

It might be better to try and get the kittens accustomed to being handled, so that they can be adopted out. It will take a while but it can be done (I know 3 ferals who will allow me to touch them).

Good luck with whatever route you take
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That is a great idea, just with so many of them, and 3 being past the socialization stage... it will be quite difficult. Maybe one or two we can socialize. I will get the word out that I am looking for people to socialize feral kittens. There are quite a few farms around here but I don't know anyone who actually wants them or doesn't mind them. I could always take them to Tiger Ranch but that is a 2 hour drive away.
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