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Tinsel butt?

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Alrighty, this was just bound to happen. Rob's mom put tinsel on the tree (for the first time in a long time, of course), and we have two 20-week old kittens in the house who get into everything and anything. We noticed Katina has tinsel hanging from her butt (Ironic, the Xmas card I sent my parents said "It doesn't feel like Christmas until the cat starts passing tinsel".)

I've read before in the various cat books that this is not a good thing, since tinsel, ribbon, string, etc. can wrap around in intestines and whatnot. We were wondering if we should see if she poops it out (although we don't know if she ate more or not. We got his parents to take the tinsel off the tree, although his mom made a huge deal about it Kitten's welfare comes first!) or if we should bring her to the vet in the AM.

And she is definitely not the one I expected to be eating it, Monte usually gets into anything that moves. No tinsel-butt for him yet, and hopefully not at all.
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I would call the ER vet in your area and ask them for advice. They may want you to bring her in, but they may also suggest home remedies to try for the night--i.e. hairball goop to help it pass more quickly. I would not wait to bring her in if she shows any change in behavior at all--the tinsel can wrap around the intestines, and surgery may be needed to remove it. Also, I would use a pair of scissors to carefully trim the tinsel so that she isn't pulling at it. Keep her separate from her brother so he can't pull on it either. I would also use a cone/e-collar (you can make one from a paper plate or cardboard) to keep her from being able to reach her behind.
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oh boy... our cats did this when we were kids, tinsel, balloons you name it, they passed it

yes it can be dangerous, although it never was an issue for our cats.
I'd call the vet just to be cautious, although I'm sure they will just tell you to moniter their boxes and keep a close eye on them.

merry christmas...
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Ooh, then I guess I shouldn't have pulled on it a bit either last night (I didn't force it out though when it stopped coming). I don't see anymore hanging from her butt this morning. I guess I need to find out the ER vet's number in case we have future issues. She is acting like her normal nutbag self still, running all over creation and trying to climb walls this morning. I think I will still call Banfield today and see what they say about it. I don't remember if my last cats ever ate stuff off the tree (and I thought THEY were bad when it came to eating stuff. The kittens now try and tear up the caulk in the shower and attempt to eat it, so they're not allowed in the bathroom anymore either).
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I'd call your regular vet now and see if they have suggestions. Watch her bowel movements closely, watch if she vomits, and watch her food intake. Anything abnormal here could be symptoms of a blockage.

The first year I had a cat, I put tinsel on the tree. Within 5 minutes, I took it off and threw it away. The stuff is scary with cats!
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My Cats did that once years ago, i did the same thing and pulled it out because I didnt relize it can hurt them. My Cat was ok though and we have never had Tinsel since. i would call the vet and make sure she is ok. It can mess the insides up.
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I had a cat that would get into the trash and eat the bologna wrapper..the red piece of plastic you pull off of sliced bologna.
It was so gross, he was always able to eventually pass it on his own without any harm.
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