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Need vibes for my dad

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About a month ago my father developed MRSA in a wound on his hand. He had to have it cleaned out twice and was given IV antibiotics... It has since healed...

Now he's having SEVERE shoulder and knee pain. The pain in his shoulders is so bad that he can't raise his arms at all. The doctor he went to today said he needed to A) go to an infectious disease specialist... B) have more blood work done (something was elevated on his last blood work and the doctor wants to rule out lymphoma C) Have a TB test and a chest xray done.....

The doctor has said it could be TB, lymphoma, lymes disease, or septic arthritis (just to name a few)..... None of these things are all that great but I'd rather it be septic arthritis then anything else.

If you all could spare some vibes for my dad I'd really appreciate it!
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Vibes heading to your dad!! And for you!!
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hope your dad is feeling better soon
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That's so sad. I hope they figure it out and things will be ok.
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I hope he is feeling better soon!
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Awww, that sounds really scary I hope your dad is okay
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(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( ))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

For your daddy..... Iยดm so sorry for him...
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Vibes for your dad and your family!
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Thank you all... He's in so much pain that he is taking the maximum dose of vicodin he is aloud to. This is the same man who had an ACL repair and only took OTC pain medications. That right there tells me he is really hurting and I hate to see him like this. Hopefully we will get some answers soon.
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Oh I am sorry your Dad is hurting, it's so sad to see our parents sick or in pain isn't it Many vibes for your Dad and a quick resolution to his pain
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Adding {{{{prayers and vibes}}}} for your dad's speedy healing
Would he try acupuncture??? I finally have started it, because I went off Cymbalta for neuropathy, and it's eerie how it can work. The first session, he did only points in my hands and feet and then light acupressure/massage. When he was doing my neck, I got a sharp pain deep in my foot and then a release of pain followed by a squirt of blood!!! This was 45 minutes AFTER the needles had been used. It was almost tooo eerie, but for 2 days, my pain was really under control. The nice thing about it is that you can use meds and the acupuncture at the same time
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I will suggest it to him.

Fortunately the company he works for is being really nice and giving him paid time off for all the doctors visits and tests he has to go do.

It just seems that lately he's getting old before his time. He's only 51 and he has already had/has....

1) bone implants in his jaw for his severe periodontal disease
3) He gets heart palpitations (from PVCs)
4) Torn both his ACLs

Then he had the MRSA in his hand... It just seems like all these problems are coming at once... I just worry about how long he's got at the rate he's going...
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Well, they did more bloodwork and TB testing and chest xraying... and we still dont have an answer. I'm getting really frustrated with these doctors. NO one has done an aspirate of his joint fluid to test for the septic bursitis or even taken an xray of the joint itself.... I dont understand it... They were talking something about him previously having mono.... why does it matter if he had mono?? I dont know why that would affect his joints....None of this makes any sense to me...

I just want someone to figure out why he is in so much pain!

I feel better now that I vented.... Please keep sending him vibes...
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