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Wasnt that frustrating on Joe Millionaire? ???

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Did you watch Joe Millionaire? And we have to wait til next week before we know who he picks. Argh.

After analysing it, I think he picks Sarah because on the previews for next weeks show, he is looking to the left when he tells the person he hasnt picked her and then he is looking to the right when he tells the person he has picked her. And then a little bit later, it shows Evan hugging Sarah while she is crying and she is on the right side.

Maybe I am wrong - what do you guys think?
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THAT'S IT??!!!???? Now, this is the first Reality show that I have actually watched all the way through, but do they do this on all of them? How in the heck are they going to make the next show 2 hours when he has all of 5 minutes of talking to do?

I think he's going to pick Sarah, based on what he said on their walk. Of course, if I were the producers I would make it LOOK like he was going to pick the one that he doesn't pick.
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I too unfortunately think he's going to pick Sarah. But, as someone said before, maybe that's best for Zora anyway, since she could do way better than him!!

But what is with the whole twist at the end the butler was talking about? It can't be the whole rumor that he really does have money, do you think? I think it must be something else, but have no idea what. . .

I am frustrated that I have to wait another week. I think the show is really poor quality tv, but am hooked, and wish it would just be over with so I could move on to better things!!! :tounge2:
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Wouldn't it be interesting if the twist is that he is actually a millionaire and they came up with this ruse because he was tired of women chasing him for his money? Once he tells them he is not and whoever he picked stays with him anyway, be can turn around and say he is a millionaire which makes him rich and a double liar...
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I haven't watched this show but boy...it's on every radio station this morning. From what I understand, people are really upset that they were strung along yesterday....How many here thought they'd find out by the ens of the episode who would be chosen?

It almost sounds like a "Who shot JR?" season finale!
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Did anyone see the catty remark that Sarah made to Zora? When they were talking at the table and they were talking about who Evan would pick and Zora said he would probably pick the one he finds more convenient in terms of geography and then Sarah bites back with that comment about if Evan doesnt like either of them, he would pick the fartherest one away 'You' to Zora, but the look on her face...ohhhhhhh!
I dont normally watch reality shows, but this one has me hooked, and its done the same to Jake. Dang it!
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Ok here is my theory: Evan will choose Sarah. However, Sarah only wants the money so she leaves Evan waiting in the ballroom. Zora will go to the ballroom and tell Evan that she doesn't really care about the money and wants to be with him. It could be far fetched but....
It would make an evil twist! Then he tells Zora that he really is a millionaire! I've heard rumors that Evan has a 1.7 million dollar apartment he's renting. He says FOX put him up and has been paying his bills. Yeah! Right!
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I knew I should have just taped the episode last night. Then I would have been able to just fast forward to the end!! What a waste of my time!Next week is a 2 hour long episode? I'm taping it! Probably they are going to rehash everything all over again.

I'm just sick of all the editing to make the girls or scenes look a certain way. Remember the hot tub scene? In reality, Evan actually followed after Zora when she left and did not stay in the hot tub (but he was made by the producers to say he stayed with the rest of them)

It's the same thing that happened with the original Survivor and the old Navy guy named Rudy. Because of viewer demographics, the producers encouraged the others to keep Rudy on so the demographics would take a hit. Actually, Rudy was my favourite character so I could see why he was such a draw to the viewers.

So don't believe everything you see!!

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TALK ABOUT A WASTE OF TIME!!!! I was so disappointed at the end of last nights show that they didn't tell us who he picked!!!! I think he will pick Sarah, and maybe that is good for Zora, although I really like her and she still reminds me of Caroline from Sex and the City, but maybe she deserves better than this deception.

I'm very frustrated with this show...and Kellye, I did catch the thing about Sarah commenting on location....Sarah is so shallow!!!
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Oh, that show pissed me off last night... Here we were thinking it was going to be the finale, and it was not! Hubby thinks he ends up choosing Sarah because of the way he is sitting and the way he looks at the person. If you are staring at the tv, he is looking to your right. BUT, I have seen it like that before on other shows, and I think he will end of choosing Zora, which I hope he does. I think she will be more understanding of him.

And, I heard about him living in an LA apartment a few months ago. Heavy construction workers dont make only $19,000/ year ....
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Tigger, You're right, $19,000 is only $9 and hour. I think most construction workers make at least twice that. I wonder if the twist is that he owns the construction company and has money. I saw his parents' house on TV. It is very nice, they seem well off. I also hope he picks Zora, she seems to like him for who he is. Sarah is too busy thinking about how he needs to change.
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DUH on me! Talk about the obvious - thanks for pointing that out to me! I even worked for a construction company and even 6 years ago basic laborers made $15/hour, and a dirt mover is a skilled position. He HAS to make more than $19K per year.
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I wonder what the deal with the $19,000 then? I'm sure they thought that people would figure out that construction workers make more than that. . .

I HATE it that I even care about this. I guess they've done their job well to get everyone hooked, even though last night was just uncalled for. But, they'll get their wish because everyone will watch again next week for sure.
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Vikki, considering the commercial I saw tonight during American Idol that last one is the most feasible I've heard so far. You barely hear Evan saying "Something funny's going on here and no one is telling me about it." or something like that.
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I heard that Zora is the one who has money. But wasn't she making comments on how she didn't have money? or was that someone else? I can't wait to watch next week, but maybe i'll just catch the last 10 minutes. They will replay it on thursday anyway, and I'm sure one of us will watch on monday and tell the rest if its worth it! lol
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