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Question about bigger cats.

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Hi i was wondering what type of cats are bigger then the regular house cats we have and that can still live in your house without trying to eat you. whats their name? if you dont understand i can try to make it more clear in a reply
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First of all, welcome to The Cat Site!!!
Do you mean Savannah Cats? This link will take you to a website about them.
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Bengals can be larger than most house cats.
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Maine Coons are generally regarded as one of the biggest breeds of domestic cat, with healthy males having a standard weight of 22-25 pounds. Norwegian Forest Cats are also a very large breed, with approximately the same weights.
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thanks. my cat now is a DSH 50 pounds about 2 feet long without him streched. but i want a BIGGER cat i saw some on TV they have really long tails i dont want it to be able to eat me i just want the biggest domesticated cat.yeah those cats how much can they run you?
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You can find out more about these breeds, including links to breeders, here
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Unfortunately, I have no information about breeds of cats that are larger than housecats. However, I did want to help guide you by letting you know that the weight reported above for Main Coons is not as accurate as it could be. I have a Main Coon myself. They are larger than most standard cats, especially the males. But I have researched the breed somewhat and the males generally weigh in at 13 - 18 pounds. i.e. if they are healthy and not overweight. My Ashke is about 14.5 pounds. But, they are definately one of the sweetest and gentlest breeds you could ever hope to own! Hope this helps some.
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I will also agree with the Savannah. It is the only TRUELY large and truely domesticated cat. That is bigger then a bengal, or maine coon, etc etc. Bigger as in, they are longer and larger over all, but they are very sleek, refering to the page listed before, a perfectly skinny and fit Savannah can be between 18-29 pounds and I have been told that some are even bigger then that!

They are a cross between a serval (which is a wild cat) and normally bred with bengals, so they look like extra large bengal cats and fetch for anywhere from $1,000 - $3,500+. Depending on what generation you get.

They live in the house with you, they get all the same shots, they eat the same foods as little tabby kitten here. And they are said to be completely domesticated. But with any breed, you should fully research them before getting one.
Cats can already be tricky enough to manage, let alone a LARGE one.

I will own Savannah one day and it will be great. From the moment I saw them I told Kirt that I HAVE to have one. Their personalitys seem great, and it's one step closer for me working with the BIG cat species some day. Though I will probably only be ever able to afford an F-3. :/

Their coats come in many different colour variations. And the patterns come in spotted or marbled. I would probably get one of the clouded marbles.

This is a GREAT example of what a savannah can look like.

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Dang, thats one long neck!
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I plan on owning a savannah, too. Not just because it is part African Serval & Bengal, but because of their personality. I have doene the research & am prepared to own one. I have emailed several breeders, and belong to a pet group. Hubby has pretty much given me the permission.... But, it wont be for a while. The breeder that I got Gizmo & Scooter are going to be breeding them and most likely that is where I'd get one from. I would get a female... Females are the most expensive... Males are pretty much sterile, which is why they are cheaper.

Do you plan on breeding the savannah?
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Hi Kim

I have thought about it but I think I will stick to Bengals for now. I might in a few years. I love the Savannahs!
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That Savannah looks freaky to me. I think I would be afraid to go near it.

I heard of a breed of cat that's about $1500-$2500 and the personality is harsh! It has to be the ONLY partner in your life. You can't have kids or a beaux or any other animal cause it will attack it and cause serious harm. This cat is extremely possesive. I can't remember what kind of cat it is but I think it's rare and not originally from America.
Females are the most expensive... Males are pretty much sterile, which is why they are cheaper.
Are you serious? Is it because of the cross breeding involved and the generations the animal has to be in order to be domestic? Would you still have to get an animal fixed if it was sterile?
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Maybe you are thinking of an African Serval? You can have those, too, and I believe they are around that price range. But, you have to have a permit to own one. I believe those ones would have to be declawed, too.

The savannah is a beautiful animal ... Looks very similar to a bengal, yet has the look of the serval with it's big ears.

have you ever got to see one in person? (the savannah or serval) What are they like?
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I have also spoken with some Savannah breeders and belong to a savannah list over the years. I really do think they are the best cat for me, personality wise. Bengals have always been so close and my fiance loves them the most too, but the savannah's have the size and even more of the wild exotic look which we love too!

I haven't seen one in real life yet, if I could find a breeder near me I could garuntee you I'd be calling them up and heading straight over however! LOL

I think this is a better example of their exotic look.
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I have seen an F2 Savanah in person. One of my breeder friends had it at the show hall. They were asked by the show manager to bring him or her in. It was for the Savannah club. I have never seen a Serval in person but I know people who have them.
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That's crazy, these are wild animals! Well I guess if your trained to deal with such animals it's ok, but these are totally wild!

I wouldn't let my show kitty near it. :paranoid2 :disturbed :paranoid3
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Another breed that is larger than a housecat is a Chausie. They're a hybrid resulting form the crossing of a wild jungle cat and a domestic cat.

General Description
Chausies are a large cat, standing anywhere from 14 - 18" at the shoulders. They have a long body type, with their hind legs rising slightly higher than the front. Males range between 15 and 30 pounds and females between 14 and 25 pounds.

Chausies are extremely intelligent, almost dog-like and highly active. If you are looking for a lazy, low-key, mellow pet - the chausie is NOT for you ! Their muscular build and wild ancestry enable them to be quite athletic and fast. Chausies can be leary of strangers but are loyal and loving to their owners. They get along exceptionally well with other cats.

Prices for a Chausie are between $500.00 to $1500.00. They are less expensive than a Savannah and are just as beautiful!

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I love the top photo - the brown one. How beautiful. . .

I'm learning a lot from this thread, I didn't know anything about these larger breeds.
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