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cat has worms, cause by fleas...what kind of worm would this be?

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I'm trying to see if there is anything on petmeds, they got fleas not to long ago and a while back when I first got Ceasar he had fleas then shortly there after had worms and the vet said the cause was from the fleas? anyone know what kinda worm?
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My guess would be tapeworms. Vets will prescribe Droncit. You usually know when they have tapeworms as you will see a white rice like grain (that moves) coming out of them. If you aren't absolutely certain what type of worms Ceasar has, you should consult a vet.
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yeh that's what it looks like, I just couldn't remember the difference, i know the tape is more common.
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Its Tapeworm. My Cat just got Droncit Pills for that last week. One Flea can cause it.
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GREAT! 1 FLEA! So I am confused is it just one pill I give to him 1 a day for so long???
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ugh. yea, tapeworm
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The Vet gave Coco 1.5 Pills and that was it. They didnt say anything about her having any more. How much does your Cat weigh. It goes by teh weight of the Cat. So far it has worked good I have not seen aTaoeworm since.
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Yup, it's a one time dose and dosage is based on weight.
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Tapeworms are not common unless you have a flea situation. Roundworms are more common.
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Our vet prescribed according to weight for our cats.
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ok so I think he will be taking 1 1/2 pills. I use to groom animals, so I guess to me having been around the flea situation is more common for me....
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Yeah, unfortunately all it takes is one flea, and fleas can live in carpets for a long time. They will on occasion also hide on clothes and shoes of people they come in contact with if desperate. My cat came home flea free, to an apartment that was supposedly flea free (or so we were told, they apparently bomb for fleas before moving a new tenant in if the previous occupant had a pet), but about 2 months in he had the worst flea infestation ever. The way we figured, the super was probably going from apartment to apartment, and one flea hitched a ride on his clothes and right into our apartment.

So within a month my (then) kitten had to go through a flea infestation (so he got pilled and put on a drop treatment routine), and as soon as that stopped, I found tapeworms on my couch (yuck! I steam cleaned the whole thing, but have since also gotten rid of it too), so that he had to get pills for that too: 1 immediately, and one 10 days later. At the end of that month he was scared of the carrier and it's taken months for him not to associate car rides with going to the vet.

Thankfully ever since he was put on a preventive he has been flea free, so that took care of the whole thing. =P
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